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Do you have mice in your house, and are you scared of them?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have mice in your house, and are you scared of them?

Have you ever had a rat?

Do you set traps for them?

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Top Answers
YES I have one in the house at the moment! I have a very well fed and oblivious cat it seems, although he is a hunter outside! I caught one last year in a trap and buried trap and mouse in in in the garden not touching anything....;they are a nuisance and not sure how they get in....what I hate is the mouse poop I find at times...yuk No I am not scared of them really though...
by fran
I hate mice and rats even more though at least rats are bigger and you can see them from further!

I am used to living with them outside as used to live on a river and we had huge water rats which were disgusting eating all sorts of things.

I had a mouse in the house a year ago and could not catch it. Ended up buying all sorts of fancy traps and eventually got it.

It would run right in front of me when I was watching TV and the dogs used to smell it when it was hiding inside and one dog would sit and point, or bark half the day -a wonder the mouse did not die of shock but he came out most night.

I ended up living in the other rooms or going to bed after dinner as I was scared -it was so small when I saw it in the trap!
by Finy
It's been a long time since we've had mice in the house.

We put steel wool in the gaps around pipes where they used to get in.

Rats are a bigger problem and we often get them in our attic and have to call on the pest control guys.

They worry me as they chew through cords and can cause fires. We were told it is common for them to rip the outer lining of heating ducts and crawl between the layers to make their nests. They are attracted by the warmth.
where do you live gayle?
by Finy
Finy, We are in the outer south eastern suburbs of Melbourne on an estate with a fair bit of rural arean nearby.
Gross! No, thank goodness none. We don't set traps. There are plenty of cats on the street for that.
by Vee
We have often had mice and NO I am not scared of them. I hate the damage they can cause,but they are the critters of Beatrix Potter and Brambley Hedge,so how could I be scared of them?!!! When my son was little and right into these delightful books,his dad would manage to catch them and then he would tell our son that he was going to take them down to the park to meet their cousins!!! It was much better than telling the poor child that they were about to be killed,no matter how humanely!!!
Brambley Hedge -how interesting Jules -we used to wholesale their products in Western Australia, when I had a business -they are not very well known, and this was probably 30 years ago!!
by Finy
I wonder if we are talking about the same Brambly Heagde!!! I am referring to the fabulous children's books by Jill Barklem which Royal Doulton even made collectable porcelain items for! These tales were written and published in the 80's and I have all of them!!!
by Jules
Thankfully I don't have mice in my house. I have never lived anywhere that has had a problem with mice. I would hate it if it did ever happen.
by AJ
Well there was this one time, we had a new house, and a tree was over hanging from next door.
A mouse must have got into the roof, fallen down the inside of the walls...and the room had to be sealed off(bedroom) thank goodness...Couldn't use that room for 3 months!
The smell of a dead mouse rotting was just dreadful.Window left open 24 hours a day, door had to have duck tape, so the smell didn't come thru.
I waited a bit longer, and then the smell totally went...Lucky we had other bedrooms, and it was not the main ones.
Tree got cut down too, that was on our side of the fence.
I neither have rats in my house nor am I afraid of them,
Touching wood we haven't had mice since we moved house. I'm not scared of them, but they can be pretty annoying.
I don't have mice in my house.
I'm renting at the moment. There has been millipedes, cockroaches, a spider per night, swarms of ants inside and out, birds bashing themselves against the glass, and the most bizzare - a frog in the toilet. But no mice. I had lots in a previous house but I just set humane traps and relocated them.
I am not scared of mice and rats and haven't seen any around lately. Where there are possums there are always rodents. They are often kept as pets. Why is one afraid of a tiny animal? They are frightened of us GIANTS! They are part of this planet and life cycle.
Im not scared of mice. I think they are really cute but I dont like them running about nibbling things and I certainly didnt like finding one in a packet I took out of the pantry!! Rats are so dirty so I hate them and I hate them even more when they die and you cant find them - only smell them. We have a constant possum issue but since I started leaving fruit in the yard they seem happy to stay out of the house. ( My apostrophe wont work)

Picture Source: braydawg
and Animal Photos!
No, I've a cat instead! Who would, IF there were any, tear 'those mices to pieces'!
My only concern is, at anytime, anywhere, being bitten by a rodent. They carry really bad diseases'.
No, to all of the above!
Thank goodness!

Did get ' hunt successes' from my beautiful British Blue cat, who ventured to stables kilometre away, though!

He got great praise for such, then dead creature was wrapped in newspaper, & deposited unceremoniously into wheelie bin! Aaarrrggghhh!
Once only when I lived on acreage and it was an old Farmhouse (80 years old).
Traps soon dispatched them, our cat just lay there and watched the mice run around.
Meow obviously too content Meow !
Yes,I have mice of all shapes and sizes in my house and I am annoyed of them.A few minutes ago only my father complained that rats had entered his cupboard.
When I was 15 I caught a mouse in my bed, the neighbours had been doing clearing up and must have disturbed things.

Just last night, my rehearsal venue/hall stank, like sewage but an observant man noticed a dark line of urine going down a wall so we now wonder if a mouse or rat died up there.

The rodents are around my place but with a great cat that catches them (and gives them as gifts to a new neighbour) we needn't worry. I do find the occasional dead one in the garden/driveway.
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