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Do you have an annual flu shot?

by Finy (follow)
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Every year there are different strains of influenza.

Do you have an annual shot against the flu, and if so, do you still get the flu?

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Top Answers
My immunity seems pretty weak, so I try and get the flu shot each year. Especially if work pays for it!

When I get the shot I don't seem to get as sick. So it works for me *touch wood*. It's worth getting the flu shot if you work with children or around the elderly (including parents and grandparents) to protect them.
I would NEVER have a flu shot. There are literally thousands of different strains of flu and the shot only "protects" again a few. Besides they put so many nasty (and unnecessary) additives in those things. You are better off trying to build up your immune system through natural means that injecting all those toxins into your system.
You'll change your mind if you get a chronic disease or the 'flu!
by donjo
Our immune system weakens as we age no matter how well we look after ouselves....
by brigi
also want to add that we are exposed to many germs etc on public transport and public places...
by brigi
My uncle gets a flu shot every year and he still gets the most shocking flus. He tells me this is because they only immunise against the latest strain so at least he doesn't get the latest one. I have never had a flu shot and, touch wood, haven't had the flu in at least three years. I do take preventative measures like eating well all year and rugging up in winter, also I avoid people who have the flu so I don't catch it.
I haven't had the flu shot but am debating about getting it to help protect my son from the flu this season.
by Vee
No I haven't had the Flu Shot for a few years.

I am super careful each year, not to touch handles of doors and also not to touch near my mouth.That is one of the biggest germ areas, and apparently 'how' people do get the flu.
I also do not at this time of year, if I am out let people get within a metre.
Distance is a great tool, and also I wash my hands far more in Flu season.
Have been healthy and happy for years.

I have been having them for two years now -it is recommended as we age -it is impossible to stay away from people or take measures not to get it as the germs are in the air when someone coughs and going to the shops you can apparently easily catch it without contact with the infected person.

I, touch wood, have not had a flu for many years even before I started with the shots.
by Finy
No I haven't
Yes I have had both flu and pneumonia shots, have the second one as used to smoke and have asthma as a result, and a weak chest where I frequently get bronchitis in the winter months - catching the train is a sure thing for catching a cold eventually...which can turn into something worse....(hope my picture is small this time!)
by Fran
Yes, every year, without fail. It's important to look our for ourselves and our health.
I think I must have a pretty good immune system, as I never get the flu....even though I haven't been immunised since I was a child. Hope it stays that way!
People who have the flu shot all seem to get the flu anyway, so I see absolutely no point in having one. It seems to not cover all strains of flu, so why not eat healthy food, exercise and wash hands to stay flu free??
by Lucy
I have never had the flu, and never been immunised. Nor have my parents, both in their mid to late 80's now. I believe some people are simply more vulnerable to these things and one of the fortune ones who is not.
I do get the occasional cold, especially at the change of season, but simple factors such as good nutrition and washing my hands before eating, for example, get contagious diseases at bay.
My doctor recommended I get a flu shot because I am an asthmatic, but really cannot see the point when I've never had the flu.
I do recommend you discuss your individual situation with your doctor though because the right immunisation in the right situation does save lives.
no never had the flue last in 1953
bert neutgens
I have had them for many years now, and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference as I still catch wogs regularly. I figure they can't hurt though, and perhaps they might decrease the severity?? Hence, I will usually take the option if it is on offer at no cost (eg. bulk-billed or provided by employer).
by kimp
No, I've never had a flu injection. I work in the Aged Care industry and they urge all workers to have one each year. However, I (touch wood) don't get anything more than the occasional migraine or sore throat (often from being caught out in the cold without an appropriate jacket). I increase my intake of Vitamin C, Astragalus 8, iron and zinc which I feel supports me immensely.
Yes but some years I react by feeling sick. Is that common?

I have had an annual flu shot for the past 12 years. My doctor advised it after I had pneumonia. I haven't had flu since getting a flu shot.
No,No and never. Research what really goes into those flu shots.
Started getting it annually, a few years' ago, on my GP's advice. Now, wouldn't miss it.
Has to go into my thigh, though!
Had injections in arm, as for work, had to get Cholera & Typhoid shots regularly. Also Smallpox vaccination every ten years.
This is one of my pet hates. I hear people say 'Oh! I've got 'the 'flu'. Do you feel you would rather be dead than alive? If you really have Influenza you are really sick and are not able to get out of bed, talk, think or move. If it is not this bad, it is a simple cold virus - which can be nasty and feel uncomfortable. I am 61 and have never had influenza. Therefore, why would l want to get the influenza virus? Don't talk your self into an illness you have never had and may never get.

I never used to have the flu shot....then one year, I was ill with flu which took over 2 months to finally recover from. I've had the shot ever since. I know which I'd prefer.
yes, I get a flu shot every year.
We are all responsible for our own health
by Rice
Always. Every year since they first came out. Work paid. As a nurse, you come in contact with sick people all the time. If you can prevent getting sick, surely you would. I have never had the flu since I started the vaccinations.
no I do not, a few years ago I gave in and had the flu shot when my dr brought the subject up.

We mainly catch all sorts of things in the doctors waiting rooms. my doctors rooms have a lovely outside area (it is a house converted to dr rooms )but no seats so we are forced to stay in the waiting room and catch whatever is going around at the time.

I don't get sick or suffer with colds or flu. Years ago my cousin worked for the Department of Health and employees were recommended NOT to be imunised. I don't know the reason why and I think of the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Our Health Dept puts adverts. on tv, encouraging people to get the 'flu vaccination each year, especially children, those with chronic disease, or immune system problems.

So there's something 'wrong' with YOUR Health Dept stating this.
At my workplace, it's been free to all Employees' since the mid-'70's.

Pensioners' in this country get it free from their GP.
by donjo
I had one every year when it was easily available through my workplace, and also when I was pregnant. I know the strains included change every year but I figure the vaccinations I've had so far will give me a bit of protection and didn't have it this year.
First one this year, free for us oldies and I thought it may be a good idea to protect myself, Many young and old people died last year and that was tragic.
First one this year, free for us oldies and I thought it may be a good idea to protect myself, Many young and old people died last year and that was tragic.
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