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Do you have a regular massage?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever had a massage?

How do you like it?

Do you have a regular massage?

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Top Answers
I used to have one every month when I was in the country as it was so cheap however I like my masseuse to be able to speak proper English as I have to explain about my shattered back. This is not so easy to find round where I live, and the only one I have found charges $120 whereas I was paying $40 in the country and $60 locally before the lady stopped doing it.

Because of my back injury I need someone properly trained and I have not found this person yet.

When I do I will go back to every 4 - 6 weeks as it is supposedly very good for you.

I love it also when it is not the real remedial one which hurts too much -I think it is Swedish that I have -soft and gentle.
by Finy
Wouldn't that be amazing, however I tend to shy away from massages. Not sure if I like them, because I only feel better for a little while then the stress returns! LOL
I have to admit that is true Jonaj however my first massage lady who was a nurse said it was good for lymphatics and that is why you sometimes get a blocked nose! And also after my daughter died and I went to a group, they stressed that it was good to have one as often as possible even though the stress returns.
by Finy
Sorry chipp not jonaj!
by Finy
I do have massages occasionally and would like to have them regularly but don't get around to it and good ones are expensive...they are wonderful though
by Fran
I wish! The last time I had a professional massage was when I was nine months pregnant with my first baby. It was heavenly! Sometimes my partner will give me a back rub if I'm sore, or a foot massage, which is always nice.
I have hand and foot once.
It is amazing!
Esp the hand massage, love it :)
I have massages but I don't have them regularly.
by AJ
Unfortunately, I don' get them often. When my back hurts I will call my wife to give me a message.
Before I had kids and throughout my first pregnancy I got massages every couple of weeks - LOVED it! Now that I have 2 children and don't work - I have neither the time or the money and massage has become a "special treat" every now and then.
I actually find massage of my back and shoulders WAY too painful to have any more,but I have often had my hands massaged.Just gentle Relaxation massage though! Even this is too painful now,so I have stopped this as well!
Aaaah! So sad!!!!
Absolutely love massages! And I swear, I'm going to make it "a thing". They're too good not to enjoy regularly. Good question Finy.
by Vee
why thank you, Miss Vee
by Finy
My pleasure. :)
by Vee
I stopped having massages because although the masseuse I went to was fantastic, she couldn't really do a relaxation massage. If she finds a spot that needs working on, she just has to go for it and she kills! I do love a good hot rock massage - live to feel that heat just seeping into my back!
if you lived in Perth I would say we had the same lady! She could not help herself -told her I didnt want it as it kills and she was good for a while, but kept getting worse and killing again even though for shorter times, so I gave up!

I would now always say before they start, what I want.
by Finy
Ha ha Finy! Yeah, it's a shame, isn't it? I used to tell her up front and we'd be going well and then all of a sudden she'd hit a sore spot nod that was it! She'd be digging her hands into my back and shoulders so hard! Brought tears to my eyes!
When I was in my early twenties I went for a massage once every two weeks, alternating weeks with a chiropractor. I've have had some pretty serious back injuries. I still have discomfort but rarely do I feel any true back pain. Although I know a doctor would tell me that I am still in pain, I've just become accustomed to it. I would be ecstatic to be able to afford to see a masseuse regularly again, even if only for a month or two.
Yes but I only do it at home. Dont like the idea of a stranger having their hands all over me like that.
by Gia
Hi, Yes I think regular massages are fantastic. Its good to find something that is good for you that feels sooo good. I admit I am bias as I am a masseuse. Many people that see me use it as part of their health plan. Many can't afford not to have massage as it enables them to keep working. I know there are some masseuses that believe more pain more gain, but there are also masseuses like myself who prefer to use skill and finesse to ease the muscular aches and pains and yes hot stones can be a great aid. It is all about establishing a good repore with your masseuse. If you wish to influence the lymphatics you need a very light touch, I find manual lymphatic drainage fabulous this time of year for the people with hay fever.
No, but would really like my feet massaged, as they sore from walking!
Yes - my son gives me a regular shoulder, back and arms massage - this is amazingly relaxing. He also gives a great foot massage, which is really beneficial as I do a lot of walking every day for exercise.
I wish I could have one every week. I love neck and shoulder massage and foot reflexology.
I don't have a regular massage, but I have had other sorts of massages and have enjoyed them.
I used to see a chiropractor after a gym accident with my lower back. (I didn't know about suing back then!) No, I didn't ever return to the gym, When I went to Bali for 3 weeks in early Jan '95, I had a few there which were lovely, & most were only $2/3 for 1/2hr. I also saw a masseuse when I was at my volunteer job at a women's information centre. (I still had to pay for them!) My back is ok now, after being told at the time, no running or lifting heavy things. We'll be returning to Bali in 2 months for a wedding, so I'll try & have some more then.
by Miro
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