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Do you go to the dentist regularly or are you scared of dentists?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Does the mere thought of going to the dentist send shivers up your spine?

Do you go regularly or are you too frightened and put it off till you really HAVE to?

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Top Answers
I had horrendoius exoperiences in childhood at the dentist,so bad in fact that my parents reported the practictioner involved and he was struck from being ever allowed to practice dentistry again!!! Despite my absolute terror,I would have to endure my 6 monthly visits to a very kind and compassionate man who really did his utmost best to cure me of my fear! I was lucky that I had very good teeth ,and I did look after them to keep them this way. About 6 years back when my illness freally took hold,my beautiful teeth started to literally crumble in my mouth without rhyme or reason,(somewhat akin to what happens in the awful dreams which nearly all of us have experienced at various stages of our lives!!!),and I have had to have them removed and now I have very beautiful looking dentuires which look so v ery freal that only my doctors and dearest friends and family have known abouit!Well Now ALL of you know as well!!! This was THE most singularly traumatic emotional experience of my ENTIRE life, This includes my divorce,and many illness related surgeries including my removal of my brain tumor!!! I had always taken such careful and good care of my gteeth,and they were one of my prettiest assets.I know this sounds vain,but I have never been into high fashion or wearing make-up to enhance my appearance,as I was always too uilkl to really bother about these things! But my TEETH? Well,along with my stroing lovely nails,they were my pride and joy,as they were well cared for and I could not quiyte get to grips with why something so VISIBLE had to disappear literally as I went about my daily doings! It took me a long time to get over this
even though gthe surgeon and dental team were so gorgeously sympathetic and helpful. As they said over and over,at least I did not go through this due to not taking care of them!!
Omg! wow you have been thru a lot.
by jonaja
Yes,I guess I have! But it has honestly made me the tolerant,empathetic, compassionate and conented soul I now am! I am genuinely a happy person as I am so grateful for the wonderful things I am still able to enjoy in my life,and I always know how fortunate I am,as there are so many in this world who suffer so very much more than I do. Each day that I wake up is a good day!! Difficult,a lot of the time,but very GOOD!!!
by Jules
No am not scared...just lazy,,,need to go soon...
by Fran
I get a reminder every year and I go every year.

I don't like the drill however am not real scared of the dentist as rarely have a filling.

Had to go this year after 11 months as part of a tooth chipped -he fixed it in 10 minutes without a needle and the charges were so ridiculously low! I must have the cheapest dentist in perth.-And he is very good.
by Finy
To be honest, it's more laziness than fear that keeps me from going to the dentist as often as I should. I really ought to go for checkups more often. At least I brush and floss.
I go every 6 months, for a clean. It's much less painful if you do more often, and I have lovely teeth and want to keep it that way.
I go regularly for cleaning and every 2 years for a check up
by AJ
I hate going to the dentist, thanks to some horrible experiences when I was quite young. I have a good dentist, who treats me like a baby!
I hate going to the dentist, thanks to some horrible experiences when I was quite young. I have a good dentist, who treats me like a baby!
Absolutely hate going to the dentist, so I don't go often.
by Vee
I actually quite enjoy going to the dentist. My dentist provides a relaxing environment and is really chilled out with great staff. It makes the world of difference!
I detest going to the dentist. The sound, the drilling and the whole experience is just unpleasant. I would be happy to pay to get out of that chair.

That said, I still visit the dentist every 6 months to get the regular checkups.
That will minimize the chance of major dental work.

maybe when I have too!
I no-like dentist.
He hurts and says ''just relax''.

That's a lot of relaxing....and I don't do relaxing at the best of times.
Never have been scared of the Dentist, or other medicos' actually. Go to same location & therefore have only been to two dentists' in my life.....the current one took over from my childhood one when he retired.
The photo looks more like a barberís chair, because dentist chairs always need a water tap & bowl next to them.
Iím supposed to have a check up twice a year, but only go once a year, as i donít have health insurance, & dentists know how to change! I do have a very nice dentist though, I used to be scared of going to see a dentist, but not now. The drill, these days doesnít seem to be a noisy as they used to be!
I usually go when I have to. We all need a dental check up so I would try and go every two years for dental hygiene and a clean up. I like my teeth to look good so I can eat .
I too had horrible experiences as a child and I hate the thought of going, along with the smells and also the cost! But the thought of having false teeth is what makes me go, whether I want to or not. I intend to take these teeth to my grave...
I don't go to the dentist as often as I should unfortunately, obviously I'm as keen on going to the dentist as I am going to hospital! my dentist is pretty good quite honestly, he knows I'm nervous of the needle, and I get stressed just sitting on the chair, but I make sure my son does see a dentist, and to have regular check ups.
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