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Do you get impatient waiting in a queue at the supermarket checkout?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get impatient having to wait in a supermarket queue?

Do you go to the self service machines?

Or have you ever dumped your items and left, due to the line being too long and not enough cashiers on duty?

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Top Answers
I get extremely impatient mainly due to the fact that they have about 8 checkouts and only seem to open about 3 or 4 at any given time!

There are often long queues, and I have once just dumped my things and walked out.

I now choose to shop online so do not have this problem any more -although it is more expensive I still spend far less as am an impulse shopper.

I do often go to the self service machines though the other day I needed just a few things, and there was a line there too!
by Finy
On line
is great isn't it :)
by jonaja
Oh My Gosh!! I must sound totally weird or similar!! I DO NOT get impatient when waiting in a checkout queue.I shop when I know I have no other pressing business to get to in a hurry,and I usually have a favourite book in my bag which I can get deeply engrossed in,which helps the time pass more quickly! Sometimes I have struck up a conversation with another shopper and this can be the loveliest surprise of all,as I have met some truly intersting people this way!!! Life is way too short to let waiting for ANYthing annoy you so much that you would walk out without getting what you went to the supermarket for. Put yourself in the shoes of the poor Checkout Operator,and imagine for just a moment what THEY are going through,and how THEY feel,knowing that they have to serve such an endless line of mainly grouchy customers!! I have on many occasions ,when my turn has finally arrived,commented to the operators what a great job they are doing to cope with such a busy time.The smile which immediately appears on their faces is sublime!!! Definitely worth the effort of being pleasant.Try it!!
Totally agree with you :-) I have never been impatient in this situation and I always try to think of what everybody else AND the checkout operator is going through. If somebody seems very upset, I will let them go in front of me to ease the situation. I also put the operator at ease when they are stuttering and trying to apologise for something that is clearly out of their control. I have never been able to see the point in getting wound up over it. I'll save my rancour for child and animal abusers.
by Rice
All of the above!

It makes me crazy.
I remember once in an 'Aldi' supermarket I had a full blown panic attack.
That was a first, and years later never had one since.
What had happened was that all checkouts were full.
I had only a few items, and saw that the wait was too long.
I put down the food, and tried to leave the shop.For some reason (trolleys and people) I could not get out.
I went down the back of the store to ask someone to help me get out, it was really way too busy.
I then could not find anyone....they made it impossible to just get through.
You can't even leave the way you go into the store, the turnstile only go's one way!
In the end, for the first time ever I just told people 'excuse me' I have to get out and pushed past them.They make it very hard for a person to leave.
Yes I do! I can never figure out why supermarkets have 12 checkouts and then on,y open 3 - even when it's really busy! I find it frustrating, especially when I'm a hurry. And then we get asked, "how's your day been?"! Aaaaarrrggghhh!
I think I might have an idea of why all checkout points aren't manned or womanned. I think the manager of the store might have the answer.
I reckon it might have something to do with profits.
by fran.
It doesn't bother me to have to wait - what's the point in getting stressed out. I enjoy day dreaming while waiting in the queue.
by AJ
I used to get very impatient but now just suck it up, realize I am one of many. Do have to calm myself down though at times, especially when they don't open many cashiers sometimes
by Fran
I'm not too bad when it comes to waiting in line, unless the cashiers on duty are particularly slow. Nothing grates my nerves more than slow cashiers during busy hours. Arhhhh!
by Vee
And what grates on my nerves is when the checkout person has put the LAST item through and THEN the customer decides to search for their card, can't find it and then go through multiple cards to find one that has enough money in it to cover their purchases. It is similar to people staggering onto the bus, trying to hold on and at the same time find their purse or wallet to produce either the money or a bloody prebought ticket or pension card. Why can't people plan ahead.
by fran.
Yes I do! I usually head for the self service area unless I have a lot of shopping.
No. NEVER! Again, NEVER!

I use the time in q, updating my shopping notebook.
The 'wait-time' is not normally too long, thank goodness!
I will not wait in a long queue, the answer to this is to go to the service desk and request that they open another checkout which they will always do, problem solved. I will not use their self service machines.
I get cross in the Woolies & Coles lines because I"m only buying a couple of things! While in my Aldi queue, I don't get cross at all, mainly because the checkout staff are so quick. It's the customers who are show, when they insist on using a credit card, instead of cash, as my husband & I always do!
by Miro
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