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Do you get hiccups from eating bread?

by chipp (follow)
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There is nothing better than freshly baked bread. Of course there is nothing worse than having hiccups while eating freshly baked bread. Do you get hiccups from eating bread?

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Top Answers
No. Is that a thing?
No. I didn't know you could get hiccups from eating bread. I always assumed it was a result of eating too much and/or too quickly.
by Vee
I get hiccups when I eat spicy food .
Yes!! I do?
wOw I never put the two together.....thanks now I know, what causes it :)
No. I have never heard of an association between the two before. Weird.
Yes - 90% of the time. It is so frustrating.
No, never got with bread.
Yes I get hiccups eating bread. I think that is because I don't drink enough water!
I had no idea you could get hiccups from eating bread. I don't think it's ever happened to me but I also rarely get the hiccups.
I sometimes get hiccups and a bit of chest pain after eating hard boiled eggs. Since that's the only food where that occurs with me I'm not sure of the cause.
Yes I do. And I get it with eating party pies - in fact lots of pastry/dough type food. Like scones can make me feel like I'm having a heart attack. Must be something in these foods that is common in all of them.
Yep I get hiccups when I eat bread. White Brown Grain doesn't matter. Get one hiccup when I swallow each piece. No ongoing hiccups at all and only when I eat bread or toast. Weird
OMG!!!I thought I was the only person who suffered from this!! I also get it if I eat carrots/sweet potato too fast. Go figure!! It only lasts a few minutes, but it's so bloody annoying! does anyone know why it happens?

Can't remember the last time I got the hiccoughs!
I know I get a tad of indigestion if I eat too quickly!
No I don't get hiccups from eating bread, and I'm rather happy about that because unfortunately I love bread.
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