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Do you ever forget your passwords or get them mixed up?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Courtesy of acreelman.blogspot.com

Do you ever forget your passwords for various things, or do you get them mixed up?

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Top Answers
That is something I do not often do -forget passwords -and that is a good indication that I am not senile -or that's my story anyway!

I do however often get confused with which password I have used where.

I sometimes have to resort to getting it sent and answering the question I have made when I first made the password.
by Finy
No I live alone and write them all down on a sheet I place in a special spot
by fran
I am pretty darn good with my passwords! But then I have always been good at remembering stuff like phone numbers and birthdays once I have been told them!
I've been guilty in the past of using the same password for everything. I've solved that now by using the same word but with something different at the beginning or end that is easy to remember and relatable to the website/folder or whatever I'm opening.
I LOVE that sign! it's brilliant :)

I have had to make all mine the very same one, exactly what they tell you NOT too do!

Or did they?

Can't remember. :(
I really like the pic. I sometimes have issues remembering passwords for websites I don't visit often. Otherwise, I'm not too bad.
by Vee
Previously I didn't have any trouble remembering different passwords but recently I've set up accounts for my son on a few websites that I also have an account on - Amazon for example, so that he can have his own wishlist - and that has really confused me! I need a system I think.....
I usually remember my passwords but sometimes it'll take me a few goes. If I totally forget then I just request an email to allow me to change the password.
by AJ
All the time! I've such a bad memory when it comes to passwords and usernames.
No I always write mine down.
I dislike passwords one needs them for all sorts of things, think how many you have. ie on the net for a large variety of sites, shops, bank. clubs, far too many to remember, for the net just send a message to say password forgotten and they send another one. we are told not to write them down , can someone tell me how does one remembers 50 to 100 of them
The above photo is really clever!
Yes, too many passwords' needed for various sites'. It's called PC'ism gone mad!
Yes, I keep forgetting my laptop passwords for this & that. I also forget my landline & my own mobile No's! Where should 1 keep a list of their passwords, without someone finding them?!
by Miro
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