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Do you enjoy travelling on a train?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you enjoy travelling on a train, both at home or when on holidays?

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Top Answers
Yes, I love train travel. I find it very relaxing.
I used to live about an hour out of Perth by train and it was such a pleasant hour spent just gazing out of the large windows.

I have also travelled extensively in Europe by train and their trains are mostly delightful. I end up tired after a train journey as I almost fall asleep.

Sometimes I go with a friend and we take the train to a large shopping Centre and although we are tired at the end of the day, I always look forward to sitting on the train.
by Finy
Love train travel!

Have done long distance here on the 'Indian Pacific', E to W, & v.v., 'The Ghan', both old & new, & 'The Sunlander'.

Overseas, London-Edinburgh-London, as a 'day trip', & in Austria, Vienna-Innsbruck-Salzburg-Vienna.

Also for work, 34 years', by train, home to City & return, 6 days' a week..........

My first preferred travel is by Air, though!
Yes; for the most part. I do find it irritating when people cut their nails on the train or decide that everybody must be subject to their singing. LOL.
by Vee
What??!! Euwwww. People are the pits sometimes.
by Rice
It's always such a pleasant experience... :-| NOT!
by Vee
I do like travelling on a train. I love to watch the world go by, and I always seem to notice something different. We live an hour out of our capital city, and we don't go to the City much, but if we go during the day, we go by train. I used to work in the City for a year whilst I was still living with my parents, before I got married, and I, along with most workers fell asleep on the train on the way home. I always think it is amazing how we always woke up just before our stop! That rocking motion is very relaxing. I like tourist trains like puffing Billy in Melbourne, and I have just returned from a holiday in Queensland and we went on a scenic railway there.
How did you do it, Lluxi? I am so fascinated by the way people are able to just wake up before they miss their stop. I couldn't fall asleep for fear I would end up in Woop Woop.
by Vee
I don't know how I woke up in time. My dad and I worked in the same building just for that short time before Uni course commenced, so he would have woken me up. Luckily, we lived two stops before the end of the line, so it wouldn't have been the end of the world. It never happened though. Was a great power nap, and felt refreshed for the rest of the evening.
by Lluxi
Yes. I love trains. I think most people do really. In England the train usually meant we were off to the seaside. I think there is a excited expectation with train travel . . . whooshing through different surroundings, the clamour of the throng bustling about, tea and sandwiches if you are on a train that feeds you. . . . and then . . the destination, where you happily set out to do your visiting, shopping, sea bathing etc. Oooh. Lovely. Even the Nodding Donkeys in Exeter.(First Great Western Pacer/Nodding Donkey class 143)

by Rice
I always enjoy reading your posts, Rice. I can picture myself in your response-on the train going to the seaside. What a lovely description.
by Vee
Thank you, Vee, that's sweet :-) My ex would be saying, "Get to the point!!" LOL
by Rice
I don't recall ever ridding on a train. There is no train system operating in my country currently.
where do you live?
by Finy
I'm more a bus person to be honest.
Travel by train has become so expensive that the only people who can afford to use them are people who work for the government. It has become outrageous, because I love going by train.I have traveled from Vancouver to Kingston via train which is 3 / 4 across Canada and it was wonderful.
Longer train trips (like overnight) can be fun. I don't mind travelling on the inner city trains during the day, but I don't feel safe as a woman alone on them at night. On a bus at least everyone's within sight of the driver all the time.
Like you I don't travel on the train at night. There's the worry of waiting at the railway station with goodness knows whom. Then there's the stress of the trip itself. Everything may be fine, but there's always the chance it won't. Then I have to get from the station home without a car. I'd rather stay home.
I travel on my suburban train system at night. The Station I travel from is the main city one, with lots of people, Rly staff, & security guards, walking around. I'm not the only person on it. There're many shift workers', & on trains after 7pm, we have 'Guardian Angels', who are two security guards who walk up & down the carriages' constantly. There're only three carriages' of a six carriage train, used at night.
The station at which I alight, is flood lit, & it's a 15 metre walk to my car. It's usually the same people, & we are either of 'nodding' acquaintance, or know each other. I've done this for years', & have always felt 'safe'.
It's during the DAY, that one sees the 'weirdo's!

by donjo
The station nearest me is in a semi industrial area and is deserted at night, so it's a bit of a different experience.
Yes I love train travel also. We're 45 minutes to the city, (after a 10 min bus ride to the station) We often go to the city to check out the art gal;series, or to catch the ferries from Circular Quay. In 1979, I travelled on the old Chan with my mother & my 3 year old daughter, from Alice Springs to Oodnadatta! What a very slow overnight ride that was! i've also been on a train from Fremantle to Perth, & back, twice. And from Dorset to London, in '88, but unfortunately, nowhere else in Europe, except around Paris, when we visited for 10 days in '02, & in NYC in '08, around the city
And because our daughters & granddaughters live in Melbourne, we do a bit of train travel down there as well, when we're visiting.
by Miro
Oh Miro, Don't you just adore how Finy's questions really do bring such fabulous memories to the fore?! This one about train travel is such a great example as it embodies long journeys, short trips, super OLD trains which do not exist anymore, and of course the streamlined vehicles of today! It is definitely those nostalgic Red Rattlers, though, which my mind was instantly taken back to!!
by Jules
(Train travel on weekends is FREE for seniors in & around Melbourne, Victoria.)
by Miro
I used to travel to work by train when I lived in Victoria and I LOVED it!It would take an hour and a quarter in the noisy old Red Rattlers, as the fabulous old trains were lovingly(?!!) known!!! By the late 70's there were very few of these still in use,but I always loved them best of all. It is so much quicker and quieter these days,with full air conditioning/heating depending on the season! I also adored to go on the old steam trains for the short journeys which were run for special occasions when I was a Brownie in the mid to late 60's! There would be crowds of us, all in our very neatly presented uniforms,including ties and Berets, and of course, highly polished leather lace-up shoes!! The older Guides were in their Blue uniforms and we all felt so proud to be part of the celebrations for whatever was happening!
Train travel is the nicest form of travel for people like myself who cannot stay in any one position for long due to painful illnesses,They allow you to get up and move about a bit if necessary! And the sleepers on the trains between Townsville and Brisbane (as with other long distance rail journeys)are apparently brilliant. My neighbour goes often, and he adds a bit more money to the free pensioner tickets he is now entitled to,to go in the First Class sleeper which provides all meals and even gives a luxurious toiletry bag filled with truly lovely goodies.He only uses the one from the trip DOWN, retaining the one from his return journey just so he can share it with ME! The contents are extremely generous ,and made by a small Queensland body product company which is very eco-friendly. I have so far NOT made this trip as I have not been well enough to do so,but hopefully I shall do so,soon. I would love to travel again in a train,as I only have the very fondest memories of my past trips,whether short or long..... Sometimes I read,or do tapestry,sometimes I would just watch the world go by,and sometimes I would even sketch the other passengers as they made their own journey on the same train. Oh!! How immensely I did enjoy it!!
Thanks for the memories, Jules. When I worked at DJ's, in the Sydney CBD, I used to travel on the red rattlers. Always in the front carriage. Met my 2nd & 3rd boyfriends there, in fact! (Those romances didn't last long!) Noisy, alright!
by Miro
Yes, it is most enjoyable especially if the passengers are well mannered.
During the day I like to travel by train. Three years back I caught the Overland from Adelaide to Melbourne and thoroughly enjoyed that.
As a driver I really enjoy train travel. For years I travelled from the suburbs into Sydney but when I worked locally I had to drive. Nowadays I love train travel as I get to see so much that I can't while driving . I travelled by train in France and on the weekends in the USA I loved the experience and it was so cheap being able to use both train and bus on the same ticket for the weekend. I don't do the big trips like the Ghan because it's so expensive. I'd rather fly somewhere and have a week away for the same or less money.
Helga, I don't where where you live in Sydney (?) but if we have time before our fights, we catch a train to Rockdale station, (from the Shire) then the No 400 Bondi bus, that goes via the airport. Still only $2.50 on the seniors Opal card! Wonderful value. Having 'said' that, you mightn't have reached Senior age yet!
by Miro
Hi Miro. I live in Greystanes so I am driven (or I drive to Pendle Hill station) park there and catch the train to Central if I'm going to the airport and just change platforms and catch the train to the airport, or catch the light rail at Central to the fish markets. I'm saving at least $30 on parking at the fish markets and it still only costs me $2.50 for the day, so more to spend on seafood. Yes, I'm retired and have travelled down to Kiama, up to Hawkesbury River and Newcastle and just waiting for it to warm up a little before I head up Bathurst way for the day. Even contemplating on doing an interstate train trip as well. I'm thinking I might go to Dulwich Hill as I've read there are some lovely pastry shops and restaurants there. Same goes for Bondi and other areas. So many options and not enough time!
by helga
Thanks for the Dulwich Hill idea Helga, & letting me know about the pastry shops!
I'll go there on the light rail sometime, from Central, on my Opal card! Have you been there yet?
by Miro
Hi Miro. Haven't been to Dulwich Hill as yet but have made another two trips into the fish markets. I've had numerous visits to the dental hospital which has prevented me going to Dulwich Hill so as soon as I'm done there I will be on board and testing the pastries and the other goodies I might find there.
by helga
I used to enjoy travel on trains and taking my grandchildren for outings on them.

Since the opal card has arrived for everyone I do not and will not travel on public transport.

What a shame Flaga. I use my opal card and the ones I bought the grandchildren on Sundays when it's cheaper and its more convenient to travel this way. So far we've been down to Kiama and up to Newcastle for longer trips and to the airport and the city as well. The airport is expensive but more convenient and cheaper than hiring private transport.
by helga
I do especially on a regional train. I love looking out of the window and enjoy nature at its best.
Yes i love travelling on the train so much space and lots to see,3 weeks ago i travveled by train with a friend from Central to Katoomba and hopefully one day get to travel on the Ghan.
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