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Do you eat food after its use by date?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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best before date food
By MasterOfHisOwnDomain via Wikimedia Commons

Some people are very careful to throw away food the minute it goes past its use by or best before date, whereas others are happy to keep munching until they can see the mould. Do you eat food after its use by date?

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Top Answers
On the whole, I am supremely unbothered by use by or best before dates, I judge whether to eat something or not by if it smells funny, looks mouldy or is visibly fizzing in its container.... my husband on the other hand is a stickler for these dates and throws out some perfectly edible food. My mother is like me, only more extreme, and will eat some things even after they are mouldy, just cuts off the mould first. So far no-one in our family has had food poisoning....
I apply common sense to this situation. I find the labels are a helpful guide, but not an absolute rule.
There is a difference between best before dates and use by dates, but I generally don't pay attention to either. Even if there i mould on food, I'll just cut the bad bit off and have the rest. As long as it smells and tastes fine, then I'll have it.
Cutting the mold off is not really good for your health.If we were in a war time, yes of course. Mold is not something to disregard.It's just I think one of life's little warnings.Anyway your worth more than eating food with mold Miss B :)
by jonaja
Not completely true. If it is black mould, then yes, you should definitely throw the food away, as that is harmful, but otherwise it is safe to cut off and and eat the rest.
Meh. If it smells and tastes fine, then I won't throw it out, but I'll be careful not to serve it to anybody else just in case.
by Vee
We are in the exact same situation Verity !!
by BK
No I throw food away if it has reached its best before date. I would get very paranoid about getting sick otherwise.
It depends what it is. I wouldn't eat something like yoghurt past the date on it but slightly out of date chocolate is probably fine.There's a difference between "best before" and "use by". The former just means that it's freshest/tastiest before that date, not that it will be off if you eat it after that.
Sometimes, or I give it to my Mum, who's less picky than me
I avoid consuming food that are passed their expired date, with the exception of a few condiments.
I'm not too fussed by the dates as I only use them as a guide. I've had meat that is well within the best before date that I have taken back as it has clearly gone off - so for me, I think common sense, is the best guide. If it looks or smells bad then it probably is.
No I don't.

I have done in the past, but I don't now.

I do remember going into my local shop, a little corner store type...I bought some food colouring, I wanted to make cake icing.
It was out of date by YEARS!

Didn't want to say anything, we knew the owners very well an old Greek couple.
I think it was out by 6 years....If I remember correctly :( anyway better off the shelf I thought!
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