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Do you eat caviar and have you seen it harvested?

by Vee (follow)
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Do you eat caviar and have you seen it harvested?

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Top Answers
No and never will. Horrible what they do to the fish.
I always thought it was cruel to eat caviar - despite the fact that I eat other animal products. But, after watching the process by which it is removed, there is nothing that would induce me to try it. It looks so cruel! ...YouTube.
by Vee
I have had it before, but I have never seen it harvested.
No and yes. Interesting to watch it harvested but *yuk* for me as I am not a fish fan.
by Rice
I've never tried caviar before. I have a feeling I wouldn't like it. I'm not so sure about it from a sustainability point of view either. I've never seen it harvested though, so I don't know if it is farmed or wild.
I've never had caviar before and neither have I seen it been harvested. It something that I would try at least once.
Interesting one: I haven't eaten it, and nor have I seen it harvested...should I?
Only if you want the image of the poor fish being ... seared into your brain.
by Vee
Okay . . . so now I think I must be thinking of something else because if it was horrible I would be very upset. I cannot stand fishing so I must be thinking of something else for sure. Now I don't want to know about harvesting caviar :((
by Rice
Have only eaten 'fair dinkum' Caviar whilst flying First Class Internationally, on QANTAS, which is the biggest purchaser of Beluga Caviar, in the world, BTW!

I do buy those small jars of 'it' from Woolies', which I love on Toast, with Cream Cheese, & Smoked Salmon, & a hot 'cuppa'!

Yes, I'm well aware how it's harvested.

But look at the cruel way a fish is singularly caught, by a hook going through its' mouth, yet humans' think 'fishing' is a great 'sport', & relaxing! It's not for the fish!

We're a weird mob!
LOL! Oh, donjo. I think fishing is the pits. All those little Nemos... :'(
by Vee
I tried it years ago and wasn't terribly impressed.
I tried it once and it was terrible, and no I could not get use to eating it. I think it is disgusting and a terrible waste of fish eggs. Yuck.
I'm with you. A terrible waste of fish eggs. We could let these eggs hatch and mature so that way we have more food to feed more mouths.
by Vee
I love caviar! don't often eat it however.
by Finy
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