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Do you dog-ear or do you use a book-mark?

by Smita (follow)
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How do you mark the page while reading books? Do you dog-ear it or do you have book marks?

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Top Answers
Book marks it is. I get irritated when I see dog eared books. That's disrespectful to the books.
I never dog ear books. I use book marks, though usually they are just random pieces of paper.
Bookmark ever time.

I have a hate with doing the 'Dog-Era', it ruins books!
Ooops sorry ''Ear''
by jonaja
Only book marks! I have quite a collection of them in a jar on my bookshelf for easy access.
I prefer to use a bookmark as dog-earing books eventually ruins them. However, if there's not bookmark or scrap of paper around to mark my place I'll sometimes dog-ear my book so I don't lose my place.
I use a book mark and if it is my own non fiction book I like to dog ear the most interesting bits and use highlighters and pens to underline and make comments. I hate it when I find great bits in someone else's book and can't draw on it.
Usually I use a makeshift bookmark or leave the book opened to the page I was on. Ocassionally, when I've been reading for hours and it's way past bed time, I'll be lazy and dog ear a page. I don't like it when they're like that.

Both actually, depending whether I have a bookmark handy
Dog ear all the way. I usually buy books second hand, so they're not in great condition to begin with, but I believe books are made to be well-loved, and showing signs of use is a badge of honour ;)
I used to dog-ear (unless it was a borrowed book) because I somehow always lost my bookmarks. Then a few years ago I found a bookmark that actually clips on to the page. Have never dog-eared again, and never lost the bookmark.
Books are an amazing gift to us all, I have felt this way since I was a small child. To turn the corners, to write in them is a huge violation and I cant stand it. Books have the potential to outlive us all so should be treated with care.
Couldn't have written it better myself! And parents who allow their children to scribble all over books make me want to scream. No respect & NFI. :)
by poppy
No- one should respect books and treat them lovingly. There are so many book marks available there is no excuse not to use one to mark the place in the book you are reading.
I would never ever dog ear a book, even if I had no book mark. there is always something you can use as a book mark. From a shop docket, to a low value currency note to an elastic band or a small scrap of paper or ribbon. I always feel as though its a sign of disrespect to dog ear a book. As if each and every book is a special individual creation
ALWAYS bookmarks! Have a beautiful collection of them, consisting of purchased ones, down to a TAA Bar List, & every type in between.

I NEVER 'dog ear' a page! That's disrespectful to a book, & I love books!

If I've a marked book, I press it, & that gets it nearly back to right.

NOT having a bookmark, ready, at the back of the book is just plain, straight-out laziness!
A train ticket, a piece of paper, a Woolies docket,
ANYTHING can suffice as a bookmark!

If I've an oversupply, I donate to Library, as they give them to house-bound persons, when they take Library books to them.
When I worked, used to carry some of my oversupply in my briefcase, & give to people on train, or at work, if I noticed they had no bookmark! Much better than 'dog-ears'.
I would never dog-ear a book. I was taught to look after books. I would use a book mark, or better still, remember where you stopped, the last time you read your book!
I loathe dog-eared pages. Always use a bookmark of some description.
Some times if I don't have a bookmark handy or if I've lost one I will dog ear my page.
Book marks. I don't like pages ''dog eared.''
I usually like a book mark, but if I've mispaced it, I do a do tag.
I always use a bookmark, I love them. I have heaps of them. Why would you want to ruin a lovely book.JenWren📖🍹📖
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