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Do you currently take any vitamins?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you currently take any vitamin tablets?

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Top Answers
Yes, but I have cut down considerably on what I take.
I now only take Green lipped mussel, instead of fish oil, and every few days a vitamin B tablet.

Dont believe in a lot of the vitamin/health supplements, and less is better as am on several prescription drugs.
by Finy
Yes I do. In this time and age it is quite difficult to get all the nutrients you need in meals .

And when you are not exposed to sunlight Vitamin D is needed for sure as a supplement to look after your bone health.

And Iron supplement for women who tend to have a low hemoglobin with heavy period.

About this time last year, my Rheumatologist suggested that I have my Vitamin D levels checked.I thought this rather strange as I get my one hour in the very early morning sunshine every day here in the tropics,and I eat very healthy foods. Well!! I have to say that I am so glad that I did as she asked,because I was VERY deficient of this important vitamin! I immediately started a course of 2 Ostelin daily for one month,and have continued since then with just the recommended one a day. My GP and my other specialist both told me that they would never have thought to have this checked as my lifestyle showed no indications that it may be necessary.They were both very impressed by the vigilance of my delightful Rheumatologist who had recently seen a report about the effects of one of my medications in regards to Vitamin D.Apparently it leeches this vitamin from the system in a large number of patients,and I was showing signs of low Vit D,hence the decision to have it checked! I have since done a lot of research about Vit D and up to 85% of the population have some sort of deficiency due to working indoors, wearing sunscreen all the time when outdoors, and various other reasons. Amazing!! It is such a hugely necessary Vitamin for so many reasons. I even suggested a friend in UK have hers checked too,knowing that she was feeling unwell without any major cause. She was so grateful as she also showed a massive deficiency,and has since fixed it! Apart from this I don't take other vitamins as I get what I need from my diet, which is the very BEST way to absorb what we require!
I take a multivitamin, iron, and calcium plus vitamin D. These are pretty important ones I don't skimp on. I know that there are all kinds of strange supplements that are not necessary, but we are told we should be taking, but I would rattle if I took them all.
I do not currently use any. I am sure as I grow older I will need to supplement my diet.
Yes, I take calcium, vitamin D and B12.
No I don't...
No, on advice of my GP.
I was taking vitamin D but my latest blood results showed I don't need to take them anymore
Only D3 as I am low, apparently, also Magnesium as I get night cramps in my legs.
by Rice
what does magnesium do for cramps? I was told drink more water
by Finy
Magnesium is excellent for a range of things, such as heart and brain health, bone health, energy production, and improving blood sugar metabolism. My husband also gets night cramps and he has been put on it as well. The reason being that it enhances MUSCLE RECOVERY and relaxation plus it balances electrolyte levels. It helps things like tension headaches, migraines, eyelid twitches, muscle aches and cramps, restless legs, and menstral cramps. With calcium, it works in maintaining bone strength (to prevent osteoporosis). Our Dr believes everyone should be taking it.
by Lluxi
As my Vit D levels were slightly lower than normal, on the advice of my GP I starting taking Vit D supplement. My levels now are perfect but I still take one capsule a day to maintain that level.
no, and have no intention of taking any.

No, I've never take them, but my husbands sister has taken masses of them, for years! She's 2 years younger than me, but looks about 10 years older! That maybe from the vitamins or that she's had to work harder then I ever had to work!
by Miro
Yes, well, multivitamins do cost a bit. LOL!
by Vee
Yes, I am taking one for pregnancy at the moment.
by Vee
Yes, I have to take potassium, an iron, and a prenatal every day for my adrenal deficiency.
No, i dont take any vitamin tablets
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