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Do you compliment people?

by Vee (follow)
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I recently complemented a person because of the cologne they were wearing. It was really lovely, and thought they would appreciate the sentiment.

Unfortunately, my husband told me this was a faux pas as it sounded like I was making a pass at the person in question.

Do you compliment people, or are you afraid they may be misconstrued?

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Top Answers
Sometimes a compliment is just a compliment, but some people don't understand that. Even with strangers, I think it's a matter of assessing how they will take the compliment, and how it's presented. A friendly comment in passing should be just that.
I only complement my own sex....but that's just me.. :)
If a compliment is warranted, I will absolutely say something to either gender. It makes me feel good having been nice to someone and my attitude is that a good word goes a long way in making someone's day just a little brighter. Idealistic perhaps, but I've never had a negative reaction when complimenting someone.

If I'm out walking my dog and someone compliments me on how beautiful or cute my dog is, I will always say thank you and return the compliment with a "have a nice day".

If a complete stranger has shoes or a piece of clothing such as a coat or dress to die for, I will let them know their shoes etc ... look fantastic.

We have taken political correctness too far I believe, as today, many people don't know how to perceive or take a compliment, often viewing the compliment as suspicious which is an absolute shame. I guess it's easier when the compliment is generated by a female and is followed with a big, wide smile.
It's just being nice
I always try to say something nice, as so often it is very easy to make critical comments but not to give a compliment. If everyone did this, then it wouldn't be a faux pas, it would just be natural!
Yes, always no matter what their Gender is.
I try to complement people on skills, actions and character qualities. I do not like complementing looks as everyone is so fickle about weight and beauty that I am afraid I will offend someone.
by Gia
LOL. Fair enough, Gia. Thanks for weighing in.
by Vee
All the time, but only ones that I genuinely mean. I think it is important to do.
The giving and receiving of compliments is a lovely way to connect with people. We live in a world where it is the natural action of people to constantly find fault with others.

However to give compliments you do need to be confident in yourself. So that you do not get thrown off if someone decides to read something other than what you intended into it.

These kind of responses speaks volumes about the receiver of the compliment and you as the giver need to understand that you are not responsible for their misreading of your compliment.

As long as you are acting in alignment with your values there is no issue.

Maybe your husband was feeling just a tiny bit jealous and was looking for some reassurance? There are all sorts of reasons why people can misread your compliment and they can change moment from moment.

I would continue to compliment the world needs more genuineness and kindness.
Yes I do. If I see a piece of jewellery or outfit someone is wearing and I think it looks great on them I usually offer a compliment. Always seems to be appreciated, although I am cautious about this. I have received compliments from strangers in the past about something I am wearing and I know how good it can make you feel, which is why I pay it forward!
Of course I do if it warrants it!
by Finy
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