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Do you believe there is a God?

by chipp (follow)
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Religion has been removed from many schools. And mentioning God in public raises not only eyebrows but a lengthy debate.

Do you believe there is a God?

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Top Answers
I believe there is. There is just too many amazing things on this world, too many things that a different for there not to be!
by jonaja
No. Simple as that.
yes and I believe in the

Holy Spirit

Ha! ha! What a completely out dated idea, an all seeing being to see over everyone and everything.

The idea is completely laughable.

The only thing I ever see about any religion is hatred for others especially women, gays, lesbians trasgender people. You only need to google the Westborough church to see all the nutters.

What kind of human being thinks it's a good idea to picket a servicepersons funeral? (I'm also anti war but thats just sick)

If being gay is so wrong how come so many straight people keep having gay children?

If the world is not fighting over oil or land it's fighting over whos invisible friends is the best invisible friend.

People killing other people as i type in the NAME of god what a sad world we live in

The church DEFIANTLY has no place in schools and in Australia the school Chaplin should not be allowed. They are not even trained councillors. This is not what our children need when they are needing help.

I see christians everyday doing things not because they want to be because they think they will score a few brownie points and get to heaven.

I also see christians who will tell you what good people they are shun the homeless and poor like they were trash

I also do not understand why anyone would spend their free time trying to convert others by knocking on doors. Yes I'm taking about you Jehovah witnesses

My daughter when small said after a visit to the Natural history museum 'Mummy if i believe in god then those dinosaurs do not exist but i can see the dinosaurs and no one has ever seen god'

I could go on but you get the idea

NO I do not believe in an all seeing being regardless of the name it is given

Oh and you can restrain yourselves from replying to this with your bible quotes or telling me i will got to hell because heel only exists if you believe in god and as i just pointed out i do not.

You know God will LOVE you anyway!
by chris
Hi Butterfly Lady
Please donít blame God for the faults that you see generated by the failure of mankind to obey his laws.
When we all obey Gods law the world will be a different place.
It is clear from your statements that you are angry with the world so it may give you some solace to know that God is also angry with the way we behave.
As to your not believing in something that you canít see I would love to direct you to consider the fact that we all know the wind exists because we see the trees and the clouds move. We can feel the temperature change due to the action of the wind but we do not actually see the wind. Should you one day decide to take a look for God I promise you that he will reveal himself to you.
God will always forgive us for the lifestyle choices we make that are generating the pain you are feeling. If you reach out to God you will feel the joy in your heart and experience the changes in your life, but just like the wind you may or may not see him but you will be gifted with the reward for your faith.

by kstew
This is TOTALLY my point. You just could not let me have my own belief.
You have to push your belief on to me regardless of my saying PLEASE do not bother.
ha! Kstew I do not blame god THERE IS NO GOD I blame stupid people like you who are fooled by others into thinking there is an all seeing being looking out for you and perpetuating such utter rubbish, how weak you are.
Hi butterfly lady
You called me stupid ,foolish and insulted me in multiple ways.
You questioned my sanity.
To me this only reveals the anger and hatred you hold in your heart.
The claim that I am pushing God on to you is also not true. God requires that we each make our own choice to live.
If you keep hurting people who try to share the love that God promotes then I fear for you happiness Ask yourself this question. Is your lifestyle choice bringing joy to heart. I wont bother you again.
by kstew
I have a wonderful life, i'm kind and caring and i have a lovely family i do not need false profits or con games to keep me in my place. God is a construct of man more fool you hat you are too weak to see that
I'm going to weigh in here and say it appears you're neither kind nor caring.
by Vee
WOW! your one angry person.
by jonaja
Do you mean 'prophets', butterfly lady?...........
by donjo
I will remember you in my prayers. You seem to be hurt besides being so angry.
Yes I do believe in G-d.
Though, that being the case, why do so many children die.
by Finy
Hi Finy
The bible states that God knew the hour of our birth and the hour of our death before the beginning of the world. Hard to understand but so are a lot of things.
What it does not say to the best of my understanding is that he is responsible for our troubles.
The earth is under the dominion of Satan at this time until the return of Christ.
We can request help from Gods angels and I can assure that you will get it.
The spirit world is a battle ground and the bible describes it as a war between good and evil with Gods Angels fighting with Satan's fallen Angels.
One story that I read was about a woman calling to God for help and not getting any.
Eventually the angel arrives with help and the woman asks why it took so long. The angel answered that he was trying but the battle with the enemy who was attacking the woman was so intense it looked as he was going to loose so God sent extra help. This story helped me see that it is more complicated than we think.
God has promised us his love freely and this requires him to not push his love on to us against our will.
We must request it often and be sincere with him and it will flow to us as a gift.
When a child dies as a result of a car accident it is the drunk or thoughtless driver at fault not God. Lifestyle choices that we make in a corrupt world full of temptation are often the base of the problem. I hope this has helped a bit but I suggest you invest the time to read the bible cover to cover in order that you gain the best understanding for yourself.
Creating doubt in your mind is a tool often used by the enemy to steal you away from God so be alert and commune with God often.

by kstew
Totally Correct :) kstew
by jonaja
Also we have come to earth to gain a body and children that die have already been bleesed with knowledge and only need to get the body then go back to our father in heaven,we on the other hand need more to learn
by Butte
Obviously none of you have ever had one of your children die
by Finy
I think what kstew is trying to say is that we have been given freewill - choice.

If God only allowed us to do the things He liked, it wouldn't be genuine choice - we wouldn't be unique individuals. He is our Father. Likewise, if it was legal, I could lock up my daughter up so that she could never hurt anyone else - i.e, take away her right to free will, but this would effectively be treating her the same way that we do with our criminals but her having first committed a crime.

Everything that we do interacts with the environment around us - human or otherwise, so none of us can make a choice without having some kind of impact on someone or something else, who in turn make decisions based on what is happening in his/her life.

The Bible says we were made in God's image, and while He is clearly beyond our complete comprehension, I think some people miss the point that we can therefore look at ourselves for an idea of some aspects of who/what He is and how he thinks/operates. For example, if He is our "Father" then I should be able to have at least some understanding of him through my own experiences as a father. My daughter makes decisions. Even if I could control her thoughts, I wouldn't want to, because then she wouldn't be a unique/special individual, she'd just be a robot. I have a robotic vacuum cleaner and lawn mower. They serve a function but I don't think of my daughter in the same way.

Some of the decisions my daughter makes, like me, you, and every other human on this earth, have a negative impact on something or someone else. We learn from those. If we can't learn the difference between good/bad, fruitful/unfruitful etc, what motivation will we have? This is why we have the story of Adam & Eve - they were allowed to do anything but eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but they did - it was their (and our) nature.

Essentially, the Bible tells us that our time on this earth is but a blink of God's eye and it is our time on earth that we have the opportunity to learn and make decisions - including whether to accept God's sovereignty or not - just like whether our own children choose to follow our parental guidance or not. Of course, like Adam and Eve, we are not perfect, so we don't always follow God's instructions. Like we might discipline our children for not complying, or in some extremes, our society might impose a death penalty as punishment, God has also set the default punishment for straying from him. Like our lives, the punishment does not always follow the crime immediately, but we are eventually called to judgement in a court or in front of our parents.

Likewise, the Bible says we have a court appearance (or judgement) date set for us - it is the day we "die" from this physical existence. Of course, except where we choose our own time to die (eg. suicide; or a death sentence as a result of choosing to commit a particular crime) we don't know exactly when this will be. That's why we are told to behave as if that judgement day was to be tonight or tomorrow, and do the best we can between now and then to make up for our crimes/sins (in the motivation that this will please God - as if it will result in a lesser sentence or a pardon). But God knows we are not perfect, so he allowed someone else to cop the punishment on our behalf - a very brutal and painful death on a cross. The only condition is that we have to be believe that he did indeed love us so much that he allows that grace - or "pardon" from our wrongdoings ("sins"). That is the "protection" from God that Christians are always raving about. It is not protection from every bad thing that might happen on earth (including bad things that happen to children), but protection from the real death penalty when we our lives end (whenever and however that may be). That is - whether we go on to live forever with our loving Father, or.... the alternative - isolation from God - hell. This is why the Bible says the only way to eternal life is Jesus.

I haven't had my own child die, but I've had close friends and family members take their own lives or die "prematurely" as children, and my own precious daughter is suicidal. It worries me sick, because I love her, just like God loves us. So why do children die? The same question can be asked of anything negative in this world, and the answer is the same too.

Our refuge from all this is in heaven, not on earth. If it was, God wouldn't have allowed Jesus (his own son) to be tortured and put to death - God would have stopped it. The occasional miracle happens on this earth for various reasons (like when a child is saved from sure death?? - but perhaps that is an inconvenient point to make in this conversation?), but preventing everything that is "bad" takes away the very nature that it is to be human.

Like any parent, I hope my daughter outlives me (anything otherwise is devastating just to think about), but the reality is that this will not always be the case. However, I take some comfort in my belief that we're only talking about life in this world, so there is the hope that I will be reunited with her in due course if she doesn't.
by kimp
I will repeat parks, you are very lucky -you have not had a child or children die before you.
Doesnt matter what beliefs you have, it is the worst thing in the world for a parent.
It is all very well in theory but I hope you will never feel the devastation, hopelessness and depression that I have felt.
by Finy
Hi Finy,

I don't doubt it for a second, which is why - like I said - the mere thought of it sends shudders down my spine.
by kimp
Ofcourse I believe in God.Maybe not in the religions.

If there are creations, there has to be a creator .

How else can we ever explain giving birth to a child ?
well said :)
by jonaja
When a mummy and a daddy love each other very much...

Seriously, we most definitely know how birth works.
hmm. something to do with the sex act - !!!
by sandw
Yes with all my heart.
Amen to that
by kstew
by jonaja
It has been said that most people believe in God even the Devil.
Charles Darwin rejected God after the death of his child in an angry response to his loss.
At the time of his death he had recounted this rejection and established his belief again. A fact not taught in our education system.
I believe that it is possible for the theory of evolution and a faith in God to co-exist to a degree when you understand that the way God measures time and the way we see it are completely different.
In the bible it constantly states (in the day of), when making a reference to a person or government.
This clearly is not talking about a 24 hr. period
Consider the fact that God promises eternal life. That is life without any connection to the concept of time that requires a beginning and an end to create a method of measurement.
The important thing is have we accepted him as our Lord.

love it! :)
by jonaja
Actually the story about Darwin recanting his beliefs on his deathbed is a fabrication.
Even if it was true it would make no difference. Science doesn't stand or fall because of the personal beliefs of individual scientists. It depends on evidence. If the evidence is there, it's there. It makes no difference what Darwin, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Ghengis Khan or some guy working in the supermarket checkout thinks about it.
of course there is a god, by what ever name you call her. nothing as wonderful as a flower, a sunrise, a baby, an ant happened by happenstance. It was created and nurtured along.

by jonaja
i well remember being banished from class in the late l950s - i had said i believed' mother 'nature and evolution shaped my world. Still believe it, and this question has shown how divisive, knowledge?, disregard for other people's beliefs religion is. I will lieave it to the george pells of the world, and feel comfort in my own ideas.
by sandw
Of course there is! We didn't just happen here in a collision of random particles and atoms. I'm not going to go into religion, because there are many different views on it, but the most important thing is that there surely was a creator.
and still is :)
by jonaja
Yes I do, the wonders of this world could not be possible, just by accident.
The fact that God and his teachings have been removed from so many lives, including schools, ( the lack of discipline, no respect for others) the things that guide us to live a better life.
I know that religion has been responsible for a lot of bad things in the past but that is of man, not of god. He wants us to love and care for each other.
I think it's about time the world gave him another go, after all things haven't been going too well without him!
Hi Chris
If I may comment re the opinion about it being wrong for God to give us free will. I have considered this myself and come to the understanding that free will is required to ensure that we make the choice to love God. This is the only way God can be assured that we want to share in his kingdom.
Any other method of cultivating the relationship would be enslavement and not genuine love.

by kstew
I believe that the only thing God did wrong was to give us free will, these things happen by the evil in man, not by the direction of God.
by chris
Oddly enough Chris i was not asking you, I was answering the question. Your input was not required but when has a christian ever bothered about that? Silly me i forgot for a second you are right and the rest of the world is wrong and not allowed to voice an opinion
wow....your a rude person!
by jonaja
I do believe that there is a God and it sad to know that Schools have removed Religion from their curricular as I believe RELIGION IS AN ELEMENT OF OUR CHRISTIAN SOCIETY. Religion may raise lengthy debates, but it would never be this way if one believes in God. "Lady Justice" or Government Law (Schools are run mostly by women) is prevailing over Religion. Government (mostly Christian based) has provided help for UNWED mothers, but most of these women are taking advantage of the System. THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN RELIGION, SHOULD REFRAIN FROM "TAKING" FROM SOCIETY ! The Salvation Army, The Sacred Heart Mission, St.Vincent De Paul and even Centrelink are all part of The Christian Society and the basis of every Government !
"Religion" is not a synonym for "christianity".Religion isn't an element of a Christian society. Rather Christianity is just one religion of the many in the world. The Australian government is not "Christian based" and has a duty to provide assistance to single parents. Children need to eat regardless whether their parents are married. Non believers pay their taxes (which churches don't) and are as entitled to government assistance when they need it as believers are. Christianity is most definitely not the "basis of every government". Many Christian charities do great work. Many secular charities do also, eg. Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, the Fred Hollows Foundation, Plan International and SHARE.
Well said Jennifer - totally agree!
by norma
Science tells us where we are from. We are built from the elements that are from exploding stars and novas. There is always the gap that is filled by our life giving God. God gives us life, the heart beat and soul.
God is, and will always will be.
Forever & ever. Amen..
by donjo
I don't believe in that nasty god of the Old Testament. The god in the New Testament is much nicer. Jesus must have gone to him and said, you know, you can attract a lot more followers with sugar instead of vinegar.

I don't think religion should be in schools. I think children should be shown how they can have their own amazing experiences rather than being taught to believe in someone else's experiences. Their should be classes on self-love and taking care of the Earth rather than classes on memorizing some ridiculous knee-shaking, lip-trembling laws by some crotchety old bearded cloud-dweller that instill fear instead of love.
Hi Ihar
He is the same God it is just that the Old testament is the history of mans relationship with God. It outlines Gods laws and mans struggle to uphold them.
The new testament outlines how the gentiles can reconcile with God because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. There is knowledge to be gained in both books.
by kstew
Yes I do believe there is a God.
I believe because it is the only hope remaining in this life i.e. that there is a better place to go to when I die. Theere has to be something better than this !

Yes I totally do. I believe in the power of God and power of prayer. He is the Generator Operator Destroyer of each and everything in this universe.
Yes, I believe God exists.
by Vee
I certainly do. And I say to those who don't believe, you simply don't understand who God is. In my opinion, how can you NOT believe? Some 'say' they don't believe as their way of punishing God, perhaps after something difficult to deal with has happened to them. Also, to tie the foibles of religions closely with God is again to misunderstand who God is and the role God plays.
Hi Doma
You are correct that most people believe in God.
It has been recorded that before many battles in World war 1 and 2 most soldiers where drinking and behaving badly but on the day they were required to climb out of the trenches and run forwards into machine gun fire every single one of them would go to their knees when the pastor asked them if they wanted to pray. Most of us believe but we don't want to give up certain habits and attitudes so it is easy to pretend not to believe than change our lives.
by kstew
Yes I do believe there is god
I believe there is a creative force that is totally beyond our human understanding. Calling it God makes it simpler.. I think many religious people will get a big surprise when they die. I have no interest in a following God who demands fear based following and is the excuse for wars. A loving God would be shaking his head at all the judgmental religious rules MEN have made up.
Absolutely yes. The problem is for most people, in the definition and a preconceived construct of what God is. I've read lots of posts on here about people wanting to laugh at or abuse the notion of the old man in the sky saying naughty naughty. But those types of understandings (and my own early faith imagery was similar) are so limited and obscured by our human weaknesses, that that becomes the only image that some people can process. Yes the old testament God looks different to what is put forward in the new testament, but as another person wrote earlier OT God imagery is of our relationship from earthbound perspective looking up, whereas NT God is about how he pushed all of our RELIGION aside and reached out to us. The difference is Faith vs Religion. Religion is mankind's attempt to justify our place in the world and has been at times an element of extreme evil, but FAITH is all about God. I don't believe in God because I've been told to, or because I read about him in a book. My faith comes from personal experience of his love and his care for me and my family during the times when we've trusted him on faith. There are so many people who use religion to justify hatreds and fears, including regarding the issues of Gay rights, Wars, Abortions. I'm not saying what way is right because that will lead to yet more debate, but I do want to say that when we get bogged down by these issues we are drawn away from the path God wants for us. I believe God would indeed be shaking his head and sorrowing for what we have become when we choose to turn away anyone who seeks him regardless of their point of faith or way of life. He loves and accepts us, so we should do the same for others.
Yes, I believe there is God. This world is too perfect to be made by the Big Bang theory. So many times we say that things happen for a reason and nothing is a coinsedence. It makes you think that there is a power out there and we call it God.

Yes I do belive ther is a God.Its not a matter of understanding its a matter of faith.
Yes I do belive ther is a God.Its not a matter of understanding its a matter of faith.
Yes I do belive ther is a God.Its not a matter of understanding its a matter of faith.
Yes I do belive ther is a God.Its not a matter of understanding its a matter of faith.
Yes I do belive ther is a God.Its not a matter of understanding its a matter of faith.
Yes I do belive ther is a God.Its not a matter of understanding its a matter of faith.
Yes.I belive there is God.
Yes I do believe there is god.
Yes. I do believe in God and not just in a passing fashion. I believe that we have all broken Gods laws and need to repent of our sins and receive the gift of salvation.
by Gia
If you look around you you can see that it must have been done by an superior being. the sky with all the stars, the flowers and the animals, the earth, the human brain, all this did not come with a big bang. God created the heavens and earth, as it is written in the word he has given us. Yes I am a believer,and attend the Baptist church nearly every Sunday.
by jonaja
Yes of course Him is GOD AND HIS IS OUR FATHER
Most definitely!

And IMO, there're many people, who got a shock when they died!

ALL people will have to give an account of themselves to Him.

And there's many I'm glad NOT to be in THEIR shoes when that happens!
yes i do believe in GOD
Yes I do believe in God. We do not see God as it is a spirit. We feel God and we see its miracles. I would love to answer back to a few comments that I read;God was never racist or misogynist. On the contrary, Jesus performed his first miracle by choosing a woman to show that women are the same important as men. God created Eve from Adam's rib to show that men and women are equal; not the head to show superiority or the feet to show humiliation etc. You need to open your heart and read the scriptures before you start judging believers of any religion. Jesus said "follow me, only if you want to do so" It is also written about the hypocrites; the ones who go to church, pretending doing everything right for their religion when they are mocking only". They are the ones that God isn't happy about, because they should have known better. Yes, humanity has experienced dinosaurs and a great history of centuries of religious experiences, full of facts and events that shaped the world that we live in today.
I don't believe there is "A God".....I believe there is "GOD" .......(God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit)...... period.
Yes. When there is a creation there is a creator.;
Yes!!!! Most Certainly!!!! I do believe in God & I pray to Him everyday several times a day. I feel so blessed that He has Guided me to the straight path, given me the criterion to differentiate between right and wrong and He is always there for me guiding me and giving me a life of peace & bliss. Yes, I have my trials & tribulations, but He knows what is best for me - through all these my faith in Him is strengthened. I cannot imagine my life without God & may my death also be with this strong belief in Him living a life of morality & a clean conscience.
Yes, I believe in God.
I do. When it people ask why, I simply tell them because there are still a lot of things that escape human understanding. Like those instances when you think you're doomed but help comes in the nick of time. Even science and other organized disciplines don't have an explanation for such phenomena.
I do!
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