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Do you believe a child should be spanked at all?

by dwatk (follow)
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Do you believe a child should be spanked for any reason? This includes even a slap on the wrist.

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Top Answers
No, I think if an adult needs to resort to hitting a child they have already lost the argument. As an adult the onus is on us to find solutions through our thought processes and our ability to reason, not to give into our anger and frustration and take it out on the vulnerable. Hitting an adult is deemed in the legal system as an assault, therefore children should be afforded the same rights. I agree that there is degrees however when you are striking out in anger can you truly measure the impact of your actions?
No. Spanking results in fear, not good behaviour. If spanking worked, you wouldn't have to do it again. Spanking is just the beginning, and in some cases can lead to much worse things, and affect a child well into adulthood.
No, I do not think that smacking is effective as a disciplinary measure. I do not agree in using violence against children and believe a firm voice and explanation is all that is needed. I was hit and belted as a child and still suffer from emotional scars as a result.
by Vee
I only remember being spanked once and boy I knew I was in trouble then! Don't recall spanking my kids at all, so I'd have to say no.
Yes, but only for really serious infractions.
by Gia
Yes, I believe that sometimes children should be spanked however lightly and not around the head or the face.

Sometimes I think they need this as nowadays parents seem to let their kids run wild -well SOME parents do and I find that totally unacceptable.

They will then put labels on what is wrong with the children.
by Finy
I raised my children with them being aware that the option was available to me.
Unfortunately some people are not fit to raise children and certainly not to be trusted to discipline them.
My approach was to advise the child that a spanking was in order as a consequence of bad behaviour. In order to ensure that I was not taking action while in a state of anger I would send the child to their room and advise them that I would see them in 15 minutes. Normally by this time I had regained a calm mind and the child was normally rethinking the issue. The result was an agreement with the child to write a letter outlining the behaviour that caused the conflict plus an apology. This was always accepted and I never needed to complete the punishment. The bible states that to spare the rod is to spoil the child.
The option should remain open as it has been clear that the interference about this issue has generated a wicked generation that does not respect themselves or others.
The ability to have sex does not qualify people to raise children. We need to invest in training young adults about the correct ways to raise the children that will be the result of the sex. Perhaps then they will identify the real purpose of the action and treat it with more respect.

I used to spank my son when I thought it was necessary until one day he looked at me and said "why do you spank me? I don't do it to you" and he was right and I didn't do it again.
Well I reckon most of us got a bit of a spanking when we were growing up and Im sure we all turned out fine. I think kids get off too lightly these days and maybe the threat of a smack as punishment might deter some of this bad behaviour. Parents are too lenient and the nanny state supports them, Naturally I am against abuse, and punishment must be dished out while in control.
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