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Do you attract mosquitoes?

by Vee (follow)
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By James Gathany, CDC, via Wikimedia Commons

As children, my sisters and I realised that a couple of us attracted mozzies more so than the other three.

Do you attract mosquitoes? If so, do you use repellant when outdoors?

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Top Answers
They don't like 'old meat'.

They leave me alone

I leave them alone......simple, or they get a big SMACK!
Ah, yes, Jonaj, those 'naughty boys' need a good smack! Lol!
by donjo
yessss they do! lol...lol.
by jonaja
Yes, these things are the bane of my existence. I am so glad I now live in an area where mosquitoes can't thrive. We have some in summer, but they are few and far between.
I have read - and can't back with any reliable source I'm sorry - that everyone attracts them, it's just that some people are allergic to them so they don't feel the anaesthetic that they inject before they bite you.

I have no idea if that's true or not. So either mozzies don't think I'm particularly tasty, or I'm not allergic to them.
Hmm, I haven't heard that, but it sounds rational, lol.
by Vee
No mosquitoes here, fortunately. I don't get bitten by other insects that often either, although it does happen occasionally.
I don't at all which is nice. I've never had to use repellent although everyone else around me would. I've never had a mosquito bite.
by Vee
I used to live in the mosquito capital of Australia where you could not go out day or night without them swarming on you.

I took vitamin B as I read it helps and in the 10 years that I lived in the country, did not get bitten once.

I have since read that vitamin B does nothing for mosquitoes but my partner who did not take it, got Ross River virus fairly early in the piece.

So, I do not think mosquitoes flock to me as I am still on the vitamin B for some other reason!
by Finy
Too bad for him, eh?!
by Vee
I do attract mosquitoes, but I'm the least mosquito attractive of all my family members. Mosquitoes seem to prefer my wife and kids. I do seem to get less bites than all of them. I don't know if its because I'm hairier than them.
Interesting thing to consider.
by Vee
I hate mosquitos and they love me. At the moment I have a single bite on my arm and the swelling is as big as a large egg. The itch is unbearable. I think it is because I am very fair, I don't think mosquitoes want to bite olive skinned people.
I don't attract the occasional mosquito, I seem to send them into a frenzy and in swarms.
Can't understand why there isn't a product of the market(in Australia) that ACTUALLY repels them.
No, just 'weirdo's out & about & on trains!
You should post that answer on my other question, oh lol, you already did.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, lol! I've taken too many Quinine Tablets from having to go to Papua-New Guinea, since a teenager, so the mozzies leave me alone! Cheers!
by donjo
Quinine Tablets? Why does that sound familiar. Are they safe?
by Vee
That was from the '60's to '80's.
But I think there's different medication now. You'd need to check with your GP, Vee.
And as far as I'm aware Malaria Medication is ONLY prescribed IF you going to a malarial country, like PNG, Sth America etc etc etc.
by donjo
I am loved and adored by any mozzie within a 5km radius! I can be in a group of 10 people and I'll be eaten alive while everyone else remains untouched. I hate the little $#%*^! with a passion! And as time goes by I seem to be reacting worse to the bites than before. I seem to attract any insect that bites. It drives me nuts. I have B Negative blood and have been told that that may be the reason they love me. And don't even mention stuff like Aerogard! That's just 'marinade' to them when I put it on!
"Marinade"? Oh, poppy, I had to laugh. I'm sorry to hear that. :-|
by Vee
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