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Do you answer phone calls from private or silent numbers?

by Vee (follow)
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Alvimann, morguefile.com

Some people don't answer phone calls from private or silent numbers, but I have to. Otherwise, I can't rest until I've found out who called.

Do you answer phone calls from private or silent numbers? Why or why not?

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Top Answers
Yes I do.
A lot of my work friends may have like myself, a silent number.
I don't look really at who is calling...I just feel grateful, to get my phone before they hang up!
Always seems to be ringing...and it takes me time to find it!
Makes no diff to me, if I am not happy with who is on the other end of the call, I say Byeeee.
It depends, usually I dont. They'll leave a message if its important.
Yes, you nver know it may be extremely important
I never used to, but my day job demands that I answer. Unknown name phone calls are usually the RCMP calling me. I work along side them for dog related issues. Admittedly, if it were up to me, or if I we not doing this particular job, I would never answer a call where I didn't know the party calling.
No I don't, actually. Nobody I know has a silent or private number, and I figure if it's important the mysterious caller will leave me a message. That way I'll know if it's someone I want to talk to or not. Silly I know, but I've always done it.
I never used to, just let the answerphone get them but my husband's work phone system shows up as a Private Caller on our phone, so now I have to answer in case it's him. Also our doctors surgery comes up as this so again, it can be important to answer. So far, I've only had one annoying call and all the rest were the doctors or my husband!
Yes I do answer them as I have some ads on Gumtree quite often, and sometimes the numbers are silent.

I used to have a silent number but changed it.
I cannot stand to let the phone ring so would pick it up anyway and as I have Caller ID on my landline, I sometimes know who is calling.

However, I will always answer a ringing phone unless I see it is someone I do not want to speak to which happens very rarely.
by Finy
I answer my mobile phone but not the landline. I let them leave a message and return the call.
No i never answer private numbers,,i find it so annoying as it is only my family that rings with private numbers, than they ask why i dont answer my phone, i tell them i dont answer private numbers,and now they ringing non stop.
Yes but I have a different tone. I find it when people call and ask, who is this?. You called me, you must know who you want to speak to.
by Gia
Not typically. I let it go to voicemail - they will leave a message if it's important.
I've found that Centrelink office phones are listed as a 'private number' (probably to prevent abusive calls back to staff) so I have to answer, because not answering then means non participation in programs, and my money could be reduced/cut. Staff then use that as a reason to say 'would you ignore a call from a potential job interview?'
On landline, I've no idea who's calling. If it's someone I don't want to talk to, eg Indian call centre person, I tell them to delete my number & don't call again! & hang up on them. I'm on the DNC Register, so I get pretty p'd off if I get a call like that. They're invading MY home & privacy!
I can do *10# & that tells me number who called or if private number, IF I don't answer call. Most of my friends' have silent numbers', so if response to above number is 'private number', I know they'll keep calling til they get me! I don't have a message machine & don't want or need one!

My mobile (half 'brick',) shows phone number if I have that number stored in my phone. So that's fine. Again, if it's scenario as above, I repeat same procedure.

A phone was my 'tool of trade' for 45 years' of work, so I take absolutely NO c@&$ from anybody in regards to either devices' now!
No, never. I have message bank even for many seen numbers especially if I do not recognise them. Also, never before 8.30 am or after 8.30 pm will I even look at answering.

When working though, no dramas at all.
Now I am officially weird.
I have an unlisted number so usually the calls are from family and if I dont recognise a number I still answer because sometimes its a different number that shows if it's a call from doctor or dental surgery. If its a call centre I know it's a cold call because I'm on the DNC Register so just unlucky if it's a nuisance call.
No not anymore. The last time was 2weeks ago and it was Malcolm Turnbull wanting me to talk to a computer. If you can't show me your number you can't speak to me.
Yes I do answer phone calls from private or silent numbers, I don't see why not.
Why not? A lot of people are becoming more & more security conscious & if they don't want to show their ph no that is their choice just as much as someone who wants to show their ph no to the world. All hackers need now is a ph no & you wouldn't believe how much damage they can do. I know.
Yes, I usually answer most phone calls, if I find it a time waster, then I hang up.
Yes I do too, as most of you say, some friends and organizations like Centrelink are silent numbers so I answer the call, both on landline and mobile. Then when it is a "call centre" wanting to "fix" something I play with them. I have some fun and would you believe they then hang up on me! The cheek! LOL!
No I don't. If it is important, they will leave a message.
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