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Do you always wash your hands before eating a meal?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you always wash your hands before you start eating a meal?

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Top Answers
I have to admit, NO I do not and I have dogs! Think I have said before on here that a doctor once told me when I was younger, that a dog will get more germs from you than you from him so perhaps he meant dog sicknesses do not get passed on to man.
I have recently had a sore throat and dogs dont have it even though I kiss them!
then again, how do I know - LOL.

No, I sometimes wash my hands before eating and I generally always wash my hands before making a meal however, where I am touching the food but eating is a different matter!
by Finy
Yes I sure do.

I like my meal free of problems.
i personally think you should for hygiene reasons and helping you not get ill but you don't always HAVE TO
No, I am a bit slack about that. It is important to wash before preparing a meal, but eating it???? Unless you have been in the garden or somewhere dirty before eating.....is it really necessary???
My wife says that I am a bit of a germaphobe. So I usually wash my hands and if I cant then I use sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer.
Yes,I am also the preparer of meals so my hands are constantly being washed.
Yes, of course. I am forever washing my hands.
No,I don't! I will always wash them before I prepare meals,but when it comes to eating,it really depends on what I have been doing,as to whether I wash them before actually eating!When I was kid,we always had to wash our hands before meals. The thing is,that I do not eat my meals with my fingers,unless it is a sandwich, or similar,so I don't truly see the point!!! If I have been out in the garden or doing dirty housework jobs,then I will wash them,but otherwise,I am not so bothered.
I wash my hands when needed, even when I come home from a public place like the mall, or a shopping centre or even the market,I like to wash my hahds when I come home.
Yes I am fastidious about clean hands around food and conscientious not to contaminate food I prepare. I have animals and I am a gardener so it is very important.
Yes always before preparing meals and before eating. I do however, grab takeaway food and eat it without washing my hands, so sometimes a bit slack in that department.
Always, always wash my hands particularly well (after patting animals..... which is a rare act for me to perform).
...No. I have to admit that my husband cares much more about this than I do. I feel like I am constantly washing my hands throughout the day. Surely, they are clean enough! Besides, I use a knife and fork to eat ...?
by Vee
Yes ive always washed my hands before eating. Before preparing food and several times while cooking. It's a habit now and my children use to ask me why I washed my hands a lot while preparing food. It helped them understand about cross contamination.
Always . It is probably the first thing I do no matter how hungry I am. When I am outside I use a hand sanitiser.
Yes always to reduce chances of transmitting germs or bacteria when handling food.
Yes, it is a habit now.
Yes, I always have. I also wash my hands before I start cooking, or making afternoon tea, If I'm out I'll pour on a bit of antibacterial hand wash. (I picked up that habit from the cruise ships!) My younger daughter was always telling me not to touch stair & escalator rails, but as I've become older I need to hang on, in case I trip over.
by Miro
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