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Do you always wash the dishes after your meal or do you sometimes leave them till the next morning?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you always wash up those dishes that do not go in the dishwasher after each meal?

Or do you sometimes leave them till the next day?

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Top Answers
Even though I have a dishwasher, I do not put a lot of things in there e.g. pots and extra delicate things.

I sometimes wash them after dinner, depending on how tired I am and what time it is.

Sometimes, like last night, I leave them soaking as had about 2 pots last night.

I hate it when I wake in the morning and see the dirty dishes and always vow to wash up at night, but somehow I can't be bothered some of the time.
by Finy
I hate getting up to dirty dishes so I normally stack the dishwasher after dinner but not always.

I try hard to wash up every night, but after doing a 14 hour day! I'm spent.

I have made a real effort to do it that night, so say 70% trying...still not quite able.
Living by myself,I always wash up after I have used any dishes,whether after a meal lor simply a cup of Tea! It is just so much easier for me to do this.
It doesn't matter how late I do the washing up, I aways have dishes in the sink over night.
by Vee
That's why I went and bought a dishwasher! I washed up after dinner one night, then I washed up again before bed. And when I got up in the morning there were dishes everywhere!!! So rather than blowing a fuse I packed the kids and the hubby into the car and we went and bought a dishwasher. I LOVE it!
by meggf
I would too, but there is no room in the kitchen for a dishwasher. :(
by Vee
do you have gremlins who eat at night then?
by Finy
Hi Vee.....
Do you mean no space to have an 'inbuilt dishwasher'? We had 'mobile' ones' on castors, for many years'. They sat against a bench when not in use & were pulled out to 'run a load'. The top also served as 'extra' benchtop! Marvellous!
Then got Kitchen refurbished & got an inbuilt. Hmmmm, missed my 'extra bench top space usage'.
by donjo
I have to wash them straight away or else the ants come on an invasion.
by Lucy
I never leave washing for the morning - I prefer to wake up to a clean kitchen
by AJ
I mostly doe them but sometimes I leave them to the next morning....I mean we are all human!
by Fran
I never wash up...My partner, however, is pretty anal about washing up after dinner. But sometimes he leaves the dishes until the next day and they get washed up after breakfast. We have a dishwasher that we have used once since we moved here in February.
I wash everything the moment I have finished using it. The only time we don't do this is when we have a heap of people over for a meal, in which case it all goes in the dish washer and we press the go button as we head off to bed (when the power is cheaper).
by kimp
We have moved and I don't have a dishwasher yet, so I must admit to being lazy and not always doing the dishes at night. Then I wake up to dirty dishes in the morning and say I won't do it again! Can't wait to get a dishwasher again....
I never leave them till the next day. I wash the dishes soon after a meal, dry them and put them away. I do run the dishwasher if theres a lot of dishes, which ever way, I need the pantry to be spotlessly clean before I go to bed so I will come down to a clean space the following morning:-)
I never leave them till the next day. I wash the dishes soon after a meal, dry them and put them away. I do run the dishwasher if theres a lot of dishes, which ever way, I need the pantry to be spotlessly clean before I go to bed so I will come down to a clean space the following morning:-)
Leave them until the morning or put them in the dishwasher to be washed later.
Did much entertaining back in the day. As dishes cleared from Table, I'd pack & run the dishwasher. When finished cycle, hubby would unpack & I'd repack. Kept this up until guests' left & usually by that time, ALL had been washed! Will not, & have not ever walked out to dirty dishes in the morning!
BTW, our Kitchen & Dining area separated by a Servery, so could see, & continue conversing with guests, whilst I packed the dishwasher.
I don't have dishwasher and I always wash up those dishes after dinner, unless my son gets home and has dinner late then I will wash them up the next morning before I go to work, I don't like a messy kitchen.
I like a clean sink so wash up straight away.

I don't have a dishwasher, so I wash up after dinner, during the tv ad breaks if I haven't been out that day. If I have been out, I'll leave them until the following morning.
by Miro
PS: Our youngest daughter's partner (& our daughter sometimes) starts washing up, while we're still finishing our dinner! But we love everything about him!
by Miro
The last sentence should have read: 'We love everything else about him!'
by Miro
A bit of both !! I may do the plates and then do the pots and pans for the morning. I am pretty tired in the evening after dinner, and just want to sit and relax. If I had a dishwasher I would probably do a load before bed. Having the energy to stand there and wash up, after cooking the meal, and a busy day, it's pretty hard. Sometimes I do the dishes as I prepare the meal but it depends on how I feel.
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