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Do women who don't believe in eating dairy, breast feed their babies?

by Finy (follow)
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Do women who think dairy is bad for us, still breast feed their babies?

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Top Answers
I would think not! Though no idea what you could give a baby if not cows milk or dairy?

I always thought milk i.e. dairy, was a product that humans were meant to eat so therefore cannot understand why people chose not to eat it, unless, of course, for health reasons/being allergic as my grandson and d.i.l are.

But as a dairy lover, I cannot relate to this as no animals are killed for milk, or eggs so do not understand why vegans, for example, do not eat them.
by Finy
I wish that were true, Finy, but animals are killed, indirectly, to produce milk and eggs for humans. Hundreds of thousands of calves are killed each year as unwanted biproducts of the dairy industry. I don't even know how many male chicks are killed by the egg industry (which, by the way, they do by dropping live chicks into a meat grinder, seriously, look it up). The hens are also killed when they get too old to lay frequently (once they're about two years old), well before they reach the end of their natural life span. It's a little better if you keep your own chickens, as I do, but even then the place I bought them from kills most of the male chicks as most people don't want and can't keep roosters (they're illegal in the suburbs, and on farms you only need a couple). And a vegan would probably argue that we have no right to eat the eggs as they do not belong to us and left to themselves the hens will cannabilise them which gives them back some of the calcium and protein they lost in making them (modern breeds produce a lot more eggs than wild birds which isn't good for their bodies in the long term).

Also, humans aren't really "meant to" eat anything in particular. We eat whatever we can find, but that doesn't mean it's good for us. Cows weren't put here for us to drink their milk, we just happened to figure out that we could do that after we'd been catching and eating them for a while.
To save you the trouble, here's a link about live baby chicks being fed into grinders. There are videos on youtube but I don't recommend watching them if you plan on sleeping ever again.

I'm guessing you're being tongue in cheek here. But hey, I'll answer anyway because I have a cuppa to drink and a few minutes to spare.

I'm lactose intolerant, so consuming dairy is bad for me (it doesn't kill me, but it's not pleasant if I eat it). My children are not lactose intolerant (I acquired the intolerance due to surgery). Lots of people who are lactose intolerant (still the majority of the population of the planet, as the ability to digest dairy as an adult is a relatively recent mutation in people of European descent) only become that way at the about the age of three, which is one of the reasons why that used to be, and in some places still is, the approximate age when many women wean their children.

That doesn't mean I think dairy is bad for everyone. It does have fat and calcium (though it's not the best source of calcium for humans). However it is unnecessary (if we actually needed it, how would we have survived as a species in the thousands of years before we domesticated cows?). Just because people can eat it and enjoy it doesn't mean they need it.

Breast milk is different in composition from cow's milk. It's easier for humans to digest (just as cow's milk is easier for calves to digest) and lower in fat. Babies who can digest human milk just fine might not be able to digest cow's milk. That's why it's recommended that if you can breastfeed your baby you do that exclusively for a period of months and don't introduce dairy until later. If they're having breast milk they don't need cow's milk so why risk a reaction? Different if you aren't breastfeeding of course. There are non dairy formulas available for babies who can't have dairy.

And of course if you object to eating dairy on ethical grounds those objections wouldn't apply to feeding your own baby your own milk as opposed to stealing milk from a creature of another species and causing the death of her offspring.

If you're interested, here's a link to some info on the history of lactose tolerance in adults.

Why wouldn't they? Human breast milk is designed for human babies, cows milk is for calves. Totally different thing.
I think people who choose not to consume dairy products do it for two reasons- they believe milk farming is unethical, or they believe humans are not designed to feed from the milk of animals, especially after we are weaned.
I also doubt human milk is classed as a dairy product.
I thought this question was funny. Breast milk is for babies. Cow's milk is for calves...and us greedy people who love to drink it...I'm sorry.
by Vee
I would imagine they do, after all human milk is for babies and I have never heard it called "dairy". If there is a problem with the feeding then they probably use soy based powdered substitutes but I would have thought that they would consider breastfeeding the best and most natural way. Thoughts . . . . ?
by Rice
I have no idea what to say here. There is no doubt that breast milk is the best, healthiest, and most nutritious food a mother can give her baby. There is oodles of evidence to confirm this. I am not sure what this has to do with dairy food intake? Dairy food is an important part of ones diet, and to delete any food group from your diet is not ideal. Having said that, I respect the ideals of vegans and their beliefs.
I would like to know the thinking behind cutting out dairy and yes, breast milk is probably not classified as dairy!??
by Finy
No breast milk is not classified as dairy. I think the definition of vegetarian is no meat OR MEAT PRODUCTs, Finy. That's where the milk and dairy come into it as being No No
by Lluxi
Nope, it's not dairy. It's also not essential to a healthy diet. Calcium, fat and protein are, but you can get them from other sources. Otherwise there would be no healthy people who don't eat dairy, and there are.
No idea to be quite honest, but a great question!
Hmmm. I think they do feed their kids breast milk. I frankly can't imagine why they wouldn't.
Short answer:

Human milk is for human babies.
Cows milk (dairy) is for calves.
Why would women who don't like dairy,NOT breast feed their babies? I have never considered Breast Milk to be Dairy,an any way at all. Breast Milk is designed for HUMAN babies,while Cows milk is for baby cows;though it has been found to have many benefits to humans once they are out of infancy!! If we are unable to breast feed our babies,there are many excellent formulas available which are closer in composition to our own breast milk than Cows milk!!
Even with puppies and kittens which I have raised over my lifetime,I have never given them full cream COW'S milk,as it is way too rich for these little critters!!!
Mother s milk was meant for babies. How would there baby get strong bones if not fed some type of calcium.
I really wouldn't know to the you the truth.
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