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Did you watch Stephen Fry's interview with Gay Byrne?

by BK (follow)
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Did you watch Stepehen Fry's interview with Gay Byrne?

What were your after thoughts?

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Top Answers
I don't know what to say. Evil exists in the world because of our fallen human condition. And while children suffer, (for those of us who believe), let's not forget that God sacrificed his own son so that we might be redeemed. All that aside, I thought Byrne's expression was amusing.
by Vee
I agree with him entirely. Well done Stephen Fry.
I watched this interview yesterday and I must say I have never heard anyone talk like that about God. I am not sure what to say because everyone is entitled to have their own opinion but this one attracted a lot of hate speech from the believers.
by BK
I thought the interview was one mans sad attempt to blame on God.

It was made quite clear to man, that they should not do what God had asked them not to do.
There was a warning....Once that happened, the whole world was turned up-side -down.

Man had lost eternal life on this planet, and thus started the cycle of death , disease, you name it.
If they had done what God had asked them to do!
No illness can come from it.

But as we all know, it did....God is our parent, and He said ''don't''.

It is not His fault.
Life was perfect before they did the unthinkable....That tree had BAD Fruit, simple.

Once it is eaten, it affected the body, mind, spirit...Any children Adam and Eve had, were also to now have that curse.

They ate something that would cause illness, and unhappiness, and all that go's with our world being as it is today.

'Why' was the tree there in the first place....we don't know.

But, that's not the issue....it all came down to 2 people, who just could not listen!

It is that simple.

Anyone who wants to blame God, has not read the Bible.

So they are totally ignorant....of the real reason.

God doesn't cause any child to suffer, that was our first parents!

Adam & Eve.
I bet Stephen Fry has read the Bible. He's a very well educated man. Christopher Hitchens studied his too. Not everybody who reads it comes to the same conclusions.
Even science now has to concede to the evidence of a God.

Fry is not as smart as one would think.
by jonaja
I didn't say "smart" (though he is that too), I said "educated", which he certainly is. You couldn't go through Public school like he did at the time he did and not come out pretty well versed in the Bible. It's simply not true to say that anybody who disagrees with you hasn't read it. There are plenty of non religious people, people of other religions and Christians with other views (such as, interpreting the story of Eve and the apple as a metaphor for the acquiring of forbidden knowledge like the myth of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods rather than that there was an actual woman who took the advice of a talking snake) who have read the Bible cover to cover.

What do you mean by "science has to concede the evidence of God". There isn't, and can't be, scientific evidence of God. That's why faith exists.
some people today are saying that the Universe evolved from nothing. However, if there ever had been a time when absolutely nothing existed, then there would be nothing now, because it always is true that nothing produces nothing. If something exists now, then something always has existed.
We could debate this for a very long time, the fact is Maths is one proof of a higher power .
by jonaja
Something isn't a fact just because you say it is. It's not like a belief. It has to actually be proven, or at least provable.

The Big Bang Theory (which isn't the same as evolution) is a scientific theory which I only understand the barest details of so I'm not the right person to try and explain it. But I think what you're saying is more philosophy than science. You have not provided any proof of your assertions. Even if we accept that "nothing can ever come from nothing" it doesn't follow from that there must be a creator (it could be that there has just always been matter), and even if you accept the existence of a creator that doesn't mean it has to be your specific God out of the infinite possible gods that might exist. Pointing to maths and saying it's evidence isn't proof. You haven't shown how that proves anything.

All of this is heavy stuff which I doubt either of us knows enough about science to really get into. I didn't intend to get into a debate about God's existence or the creation of the universe or anything like that anyway, I was just disputing your saying that anyone who disagreed with you just hadn't read the Bible. Having a different point of view from you doesn't mean a person is ignorant. They might be wrong but you shouldn't assume they haven't done their research. Personally I find it difficult to get my head around a literal interpretation of the Bible (when two parts of it contradict each other how do you know which is correct? And how do you explain details like how koalas got all the way from Australia to the Middle East on their stumpy little legs to get on Noah's Ark? If you have a way of interpreting things that makes sense of that I would be genuinely interested to hear it) but I wouldn't say you must not have read your Bible just because I don't share your way of thinking. I'm sure you've read it, and read it often. Otherwise you wouldn't speak so passionately about it.

Instead of just dismissing people you could try asking them to explain their point of view, or if you can't do that at least try and think about how they might have come to the conclusion they did. Just blocking your ears and saying everyone else is wrong is kind of lazy. That goes for me too if I do it, which I probably do sometimes.

For me, as a Christian believer, the beauty of the scientific laws only reinforces my faith in an intelligent, divine creative force at work.

The more I understand science, the more I believe in God because of the breadth, sophistication and integrity of creation.

Nothing Jennifer, can come from Nothing.....It is that simple.

I won't go any further with this as you did, because I can see you have not thought about that idea...Something bigger and better than you and I had to put into play, all that this world has, it's not rocket science..If I did go into detail, it would maybe a waste of time....you have made your mind up, and that is your choice and I respect that.
by jonaja
You're kind of just doing the same thing again, saying that I can only be disagreeing with you because I must not have thought about it enough. That's a logical fallacy and if you're going to use those we can't really get anywhere. I was never trying to talk you out of your faith, just asking you not to dismiss what other people had to say out of hand.
Wow Jennifer you certainly like to try and knock someone out-of the water!
by jonaja
That wasn't my intention. It seems like you haven't really read my responses properly.
And now I am laughing at the accidental irony of my own last comment. Time for a cuppa.
If you look at the amount of lines I write, in ''reply''
Then look at the amount you write..
It tell's me a great deal.....Theres a reason 'why' I don't
continue the topic any longer.

by jonaja
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