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Did you parents argue in front of you?

by Finy (follow)
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Did your parents argue in front of you when you were living at home?

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Top Answers
My parents argued occasionally in front of us, however it was never anything serious, more like disagreements.

My parents, considering how long they were together, got on very well -there were times my Mum got on my Dad's nerves however my Mum was a character and rather easy going with a great sense of humour, so did not seem to carry on arguments easily.
by Finy
Like all married couples.my parents would disagree about various things,but serious arguments were reserved for privacy,away from us children. This was extremely important where my parents were concerned.We had a very good upbringing filled with respect and love and a great deal of fun.
Very good parents :)
by jonaja
I was extremely fortunate with my upbringing.But it did mean that I set my standards very high for the people I wanted as friends,because they needed to have the same respoect for others as I have! We all deserve to have the basic needs of life: food,clothing a roof over our heads,and of course the capability to care about other people and the desire to protect those less fortunate than ourselves, Money is not the answer to so many of life's problems,Understanding and compassion is. There was very little spare cash during my childhood,but we would go to the local park for family picnics with a basket of sandwiches and a huge bottle of orange cordial!! These were special,fun times shared with my family and sometimes my little friends as well. And I remember the low coffee table always had a huge jigsaw puzzle on it which any of us could go and do a bit more of if and when we wished to!!! Huge Fun!!! Also, if one parent told us 'No' about anything,that was the end of the conversatio.It was useless going to try the other parent as they would Always agree with each other when it came to us!!!So ,tlough there must have been disagreements,as parents are definitely human,they were not part of the family domain which we lived in on a daily basis. Night time after the kids were in bed was when my parents had their differences of opinion. I definitely tried to use this model for eraising my own son.
by Jules
Yes, my parents argued constantly in front of all five children. It didn't particularly worry me. My whole family argued with one another, in fact, life was one big argument. My parents were very close though.
I argue with my husband all the time: fight, argue whatever you like to call it. Life would be very boring without a couple of arguments a week. We have been married 44 years.
They did, but it was not shouting as such, but I knew something was wrong.

One time it had a profound impact on my life.

I can still see my Father being told to go to my grandparents place.He would drink, and my poor mother was lost......what to do with him.

I saw him standing in the street, so lost and sad.
That changed my life from the age of 6.

I have never forgotten, and that caused me in part to want to love and help people.
So I went into the Ministry, never looked back.
Just go's to show how things can even change the life of a 7 yr old child.
not sure? I was 6 or 7yrs old.
by jonaja
I thought you went into the Ministry later in life?
by Finy
I did, but that was in my head from all that time :)
by jonaja
I have never seen my parents have a proper argument in my life and they are married 39 years
by AJ
Yes, for years. I hated it.
I still get a churning stomach if I hear people having arguments.
Ditto and ditto :( My mother was a quite a haridan, I'm afraid.
by Rice
My parents would argue in front of me, but it would never be big or serious arguments. I only ever recall them having one serious argument, and they wouldn't let me in the room.
I have never heard my parents argue. I've certainly heard them disagree on things but never argue.
Again, I seem like the odd egg out here as they sure did.
by Vee
No I was lucky my parents had a very happy marriage, I do know that when they wanted to discuss something they would go out into the garden to a particular spot and...I always knew they were having a disagreement and it did worry me.

I am ashamed to say that I argued with my husbands in front of my son and and reaping the effects now....he has had emotional problems but now has a successful business and is married with a gorgeous daughter....the fallout is that we are not close...
by Fran
Fran, do you see your granddaughter, as often as you'd like too?
by Miro
Oh yes. My mom was the quiet type but I heard quite a few !@#$%^ in my time. I have purposed not to argue at all in front of the kids. We failed but we'll keep trying. When we disagree we never shout, we try to talk it out as much as possible.
by Gia
Yes they did .... a lot.
I remember wishing it would stop. Unfortunately my husband and I also argued in front of our children and I know it has upset them for which I am really sorry. The only difference is that our children also saw us make efforts to apologise and put things right.

Good life lessons for children. I believe, that when people say they had never witnessed an argument or have never had an argument, that they are people that lack the ability to communicate or to "sort things out". Arguments are a very healthy part of a relationship IMO only.
by fran.
Thanks fran ... I agree.
by Aliso
Yes my dad has a short fuse and i hated it (&still do).
by kimp
Yes. It was terrible I had to put up with it for years from as early as I can remember from age 4. It scared me they screamed constantly I was often scared my dad would hut my mother. But they were both brutal. They should have divorced. But never did. 50 years later they are still 'together' and still fight all the time. It took me a while to like my father. Funnily enough though I get along better now with my dad who is actually kinder and nicer than my mum. Not sure how it affected me. I do know I have a quick temper and when I get together with my parents now we all still argue together a lot. But I am happily married myself.
No, but they may have been because, our bed rooms were up the lefthand side of a pathway, from the house. Only our parents slept in the house, as it only had 1 bedroom. My brother slept on the verandah, so he could always hear them, & would bang his head on the wall, next to his bed. (He was normal, apart from doing that!) I wasn't worrying about my parents arguing, I was more worried about tigers being out there, in the darkness! (Yes, we did always live in the south of Sydney Au!!!)
by Miro
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