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Did you know we now have 7 Ex-Prime Ministers that receive an Allowance for Life?

by jonaja (follow)
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Parliament House

As of 2014 we are now paying 7 Ex Prime Ministers,
millions of dollars for the rest of their life. It is no wonder they want us to work till age 70, before we can have our own pension. I find this quite nauseating?

What do you think, do they need as much as they are getting. It is a obscene amount over time,given it is for life.

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Top Answers
Yep - I know and it makes me mad as hell!! Plus I think they also get an office and staff - for what reason I have no idea. Don't forget the exorbitant superannuation allowance all the ex pollies and senators receive for life as well. And now they think it's ok to make everyone else work until they're 70. These people need to realise what it is like for people in the "real world".
I'm with you! :)
by jonaja
Yup... it is part of the contract. Unfortunately the government we voted in made that law and there is not much you can do about it. After all, what do you classify as enough for a lifestyle that was created around grandeur to satisfy this level of job? Unfortunately if you dig deeper you will find other disturbing results - all just as nauseating! Sad but true! :(
I think by telling other's we have a voice, that makes me happy :)
Just to be able to say...''you guys get way too much'', we get way too little.
by jonaja
I think the amount we are paying them needs to be significantly reduced, as we've never had a PM who was homeless or on the brink of financial hardship, so why would they need a stable pension as soon as they leave office?
I totally agree with you.
I think they should get 25-30% only.(Of what they get now).
by jonaja
Can you enlighten me as to this law you have?
Just like England, the people vote in a new Prime Minister.
We have had a lot!....so we now have 7 ex Prime Ministers who are still alive, and are paid an allowance.....FOR LIFE!

Now over time, this for 7 Ex PM's runs into millions of dollars.

I agree, to be decent they should get 'something' .Maybe 25% or 30%
of what they are now getting.

They would never be poor &............ but we would not too!
by jonaja
We've had lots of Prime Ministers too, but I don't understand this 'allowance' business. Why would you continue to pay someone for a job they no longer do? That's like continuing to pay an employee after they have been fired, isn't it?
Double standards.
I think its one reason we all have to now work till 70! what a joke.
by jonaja
I agree with you there.
Don't all of our pollies now get this allowance? (Sorry about my ignorance on this issue) It's full on...
I thought so too. Hmm..
by Vee
Well now that would be interesting, to see just how much they get!
It could be a huge reason, we are going down the toilet.
by jonaja
I did not know it was 7, however if that is what they arranged, so be it.
I would hate to have the responsibility of that job and it is not a real pleasant job away from your family a lot of the time.

A lot of CEO's get the same deal so it is all part of living.
I do not begrudge the salary of the Prime minister as private industry/banks etc CEO's actually can earn far more.

There are so many other ways that money could be saved but to do that job for even 3 years, and this really has nothing much to do with our working till 70./

Sorry -for disagreeing with youall.
No, they do not NEED as much as they get but if I were as clever and able as any of them are..........
by Finy
Sorry Finny but I must point out that they are no smarter than you or I just prepared to make false promises, tell lies and gain employment under a false pretence. Then they set outrageous pay deals for themselves. When they fail they simply walk away without penalty.
CEO'S of companies do the same thing giving themselves massive bonus payments from shareholderís funds even when the companies fail to make a profit. This level of corruption needs to be addressed and the rights of the tax paying public and shareholders addressed. Remember that when a small business fails the owner is bankrupted, losing their home and the right to trade as a consequence. Why should politicians and CEOíS be treated differently. I will tell you why it is because they draught their own rules taking into account their own interests and not giving a dam about the rights of shareholders who lose their investment often put in bad deals by financial advisors who get paid a massive commission for risking super funds they donít own.
Politicians simply increase taxes and make citizens feel guilty for the mistakes the politicians make. Accountability must be brought back into both the government and corporate sectors before we can correct the financial problems.
If a politician fails to deliver on a promise made when applying to lead the country they should be removed without any further payment the same way that we are.
If a CEO fails to generate a profit they should be removed without any redundancy or bonuses.
We need to demand equal and fair treatment for all citizens.

by kstew
by jonaja
I beg to differ on several points!
They are MOSTLY very well educated and cleverer than I am.
If i was as clever, or should I say, smart, I would be there making that sort of money.

I do not begrudge the wages they get -they work awful hours and I sure would not really like to have a job like that where you are away from home half the time.

Heads of successful businesses often get more pay than politicians.
by Finy
No other employer does this so why we are. This needs to stop now.
To make elderly people work until 70 while politicians get a free ride on the system for life is corrupt and must be made more public. Can someone identify the amount correctly so we can make it know on social media before the budget is released? I am sick of being made feel guilty for being a burden on society just because I can no longer generate massive amounts of tax for the government to waste on 50 billion dollar jet fighters designed to kill people.
The world has lost its way and unless we turn off the football and take an interest in whatís going on around us we contributing to the problem by our apathy.

Very well said thank you.
by jonaja
I wasn't even aware that this sort of an agreement actually existed. Sounds unfair.
Sure does .
by jonaja
I honestly didn't know this. Its great to be the boss. Or even the Ex boss.
by jonaja
It sure is a great motivation to get into politics. :|
by Vee
I think half did get into it...for just that!
by jonaja
I'm sure you're right.
by Vee
Of course these 'perks' were voted for by themselves, many decades' ago!

It's obscene, considering what a Pensioner's got to EXIST on!

No pollie is going to stop it, unfortunately.

There's NO other job in the country you'd get gross benefits like this, after leaving.
EXACTLY! sad isn't it.
by jonaja
It is in our hands to stop this when we can, vote for a party that will make significant changes to this obscene waste of taxpayer money! Yes, ordinary citizens do not get paid for life after they leave a job and nor should they. There are organisations and to join to like get-up and change.org to stop these outrageous perks. Federal government want to save money, start with their own pockets and not pensioners!
Well said :)
by jonaja
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