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Can you roll your tongue?

by Vee (follow)
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Rolled tongue
'Rolled tongue' by Gideon Tsang

Can you roll your tongue? I can't. According to my eight year old sister, it's because I 'don't know how to'.

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Top Answers
Yes I can! As far as I know, it is something hereditary so not everyone has the ability.
You're right Sarah. It is genetic, so some of us can do it while others cannot.
by Vee
I'm depressed I can't!
I can!
No I can't.
Nope. My husband can and I think it's a neat trick. I'm wondering if my sons will be able to.
No :( .My husband can do and he always boasts about it.I got to learn this !
bojoi, I hate to break it to you but it's not something you can learn to do. It's hereditary, so you can either do it or you can't.
by Vee
Yes, I can and thought everyone could?
I DID take a photo of myself doing it but on looking at this close up, quickly deleted it.
by Finy
No, unfortunately our genetics determine whether or not we can do it. It is a neat trick.
by Vee
Barely - I wish I could though!
I can roll it, and I can twist it to the right, but not to the left.
I can twist mine to the left, but not to the right! Haha.
by Vee
No. My husband can.

I can't. From what I understand, it is a genetic thing. If you can't roll your tongue, you can't teach yourself to - it just won't happen as it's not in your genes.
Unfortunately, that's true.
by Vee
yes I can and its funny seeing people who can't do it try.
Meanwhile, we just feel stupid. Haha.
by Vee
I can. The ability to roll my tongue has never been of any importance to me. I don't know if either or both of my parents could do it.
No I can't
I can, but my husband can't. It's interesting to watch him try!
Sadly no.
Yes, no problems at all!
All neat & tidy.

But the use is........?
Fun and games! LOL.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, you ARE naughty! Lol!
by donjo
I'm not being naughty, donjo. Promise!! LOL.
by Vee
Yeah, right! Lol!
by donjo
no...but the rest of my family can!
I can. How odd that it's genetic. Pssssst, Vee . . . must be the fun and games gene!! Bahahahahaha.

by Rice
Hahaha, that would explain a lot of things at my house!
by Vee
Yes. i can roll it. I can twist it either side and I can make it frilled. It looks gross but its a bit of a party trick.
Oh yes, I think the frilly thing is a bit gross. But I can't do it, so I'm a tad biased, hehe!
by Vee
Instructions for frilled tongue
1 - roll tonge
2- pull tip of tongue back towards throat.
3- stand amazed and wonder how this new skill can be utilised.
by annfi
I definetely can, my husband can't tho.
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