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Can you alter your own clothes if they do not fit or if the hem needs taking up?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you do your own alterations if bought clothes do not fit, or the hem needs taking up?

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Top Answers
The answer would be a resounding NO NO NO!
I always manage to find someone to do them as hate sewing with a passion.

If a button is loose, I throw it out otherwise.....
by Finy
Finy do you really throw out if you lose a button?
by jonaja
Yes I have always taken up hems and sewn on buttons. I was taught to sew clothes when I was young and made dresses and skirts but don't do this anymore. Just sewing on a button now is a major effort requiring bright light, glasses and large eyed needle ha ha!
by Fran
Yes. I learnt how to sew as a very small child and started off with making clothes for my dolls and moved onto making my own clothes! Alterations are harder than making from scratch but not that difficult really.
My mum and both my grandmothers were excellent seamstresses, so it's in my genes :)
Hems and stitching up holes, yes, alterations no.
I am very good at being frugal,and as such,I am good at mending,sewing up hems,replacing buttons,etc!! I find it very satisfying to fix a favourite item which I would be sad to throw away. Some really beautiful old fabrics are no longer available and items made with these are the ones I am careful to mend ,so I may continue to enjoy wearing them.And as for buttons,I adore Mother of Pearl buttons,so if one of THOSE falls off an item of clothing,I am very careful to find it so I can sew it back in place! Being short, I used to have to shorten almost every skirt or dress I ever bought,so I became very proficient at doing hems! I tend to wear capri length pants now,so it is no longer a problem!
Not really - I can just about do hemming (not very well though) and sew on a button.
by AJ
I can do about 30% of most alterations.
The rest goes to a shop that have the best prices, best people who do an amazing job.

We have used them for the last 16 years, and very often.

Sewing on buttons is dead easy, and hems and even new elastic in the waist too.I like to try and save some money.

I can take up a hem, no worries but these days it's so cheap to get the repair service at our shopping centre to do it, I tend to just leave it to them. Other alterations, I'm afraid are beyond my capabilities.
I can but usually take a long time to get to it.
by Gia
Yes, I also find myself taking up clothes for others! Aha
No I can't.
I always think this must be one way of stay at home mothers to earn some pin money. But I rarely hear of anyone doing it from home any more. In another house in anohter suburb, I knew a lady that used to save up her fare home to Greece one a year by doing just this - revamping alterations, hems and running in or letting out skirts and trousers. I can't understand why more women don't do this sort of thing any more.
why 'women'? Cannot men use sewing machines and a needle and thread? I know I can, and do.
by Pieter
Yes Pieter, you are quite right. My apologies for leaving men out of the question. My statement should have been directed at both sexes.
by fran.
I was very good at sewing back 'wayward' buttons on my work uniforms.

Beyond that, take garment to mender!
Had some clothes made by a Seamstress. She was excellent.
Yes and no - I can manage a hem, or sew buttons back, beyond that - forget it. I'm not exactly a domestic goddess!
NO I canít alter them, nor take up a hem, which luckily, Iíve never needed to do. My youngest daughter has to have all her cloths she buys altered, & as a team of very good women, who do her alterations for her.
I only wear dresses anyway, so they never need altering, but I do cut out the lining of the dresses, if it's not a cotton lining. When I did wear slacks & jeans with tops, they always fitted nicely, so no altering was ever needed.
by Miro
My husbands jeans? He always folds the hem under! He won't pay the $16 it costs to have them taken up.
by Miro
absolutely, can and have made cloths from scratch, and also tried without a pattern. I have taught my son these skills as well. : -)
I can and I have but to be honest, I can't be bothered noe and would ratger pay the local taylor to bomit as he does a great job. I just drop the item off, or try it on and he checks what he needs to do and call back for it after I've done my shopping. Having said that, I do enjoy hand sewing my grandchildrens little athletics badges on as the look much nicer done by hand. My daughter often gets compliments on how nice they look, laughs and admits its "mum's handiwork".
Never, I just buy new one's.
I probably could, but I really dislike sewing so would get someone else to do it. Lazy aren't I.
Yes, I'm quite short so almost everything has to be shortened. I'm quite a good seamstress and made my own cream wool dress and jacket, lined with taffeta, for my going away outfit 48 years ago.
I learnt to sew as a young girl and made all my clothes and most of my children's too.
I still do some of it, but sadly with arthritis in my hands I cant do as much as I used to.
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