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Butter or Margarine?

by Janice Heath (follow)
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There's a lot of different views on whether butter or margarine is best. What do you use and why?

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Top Answers
Definitely back to butter.
I believe the chemicals in margarine are not good, so as I try to live with as few chemicals as possible, it has been butter for me for a while now.

I know this causes a cholesterol issue however I prefer that to chemicals.
by Finy
I'm not sure it really is that bad for your cholesterol.. but the chemicals in margarine are totally not worth the risk.
Butter is far more 'natural' than marge and certainly tastes better. My husband and I made the swap a couple of years ago and haven't looked back since.
by Vee
Bit of both. Only cook with butter and it's great on hot cross buns (warmed of course). Marg is convenient as it's always spreadable and I only like Flora. All the others taste like one molecule removed from plastic.
Butter please! My Doctor recommends butter and use it sparingly. A good friends son worked for a major producer of margarine. He said if you knew the process of creating margarine you most definitely wouldn't eat it.
A bit of both.
Butter. Margarine is artificial product of fats....butter is the more natural form!
Totally agree.
B U T T E R only ever.

We stopped eating any Margarine about 8 years ago.It is never bought.
Same with butter.

But! come winter, and there is a hot bowl of soup from time to time, and bread rolls.....then we get Western Star Butter, and enjoy!
L O V E Western Star! NZ Westgold is darned good too. When I want to be totally decadent I splurge on a little pat of Lurpak. *drool* (Western Star cultured butter makes the *best* ghee.)
by Rice
:) butter is nice by far....love it.
by jonaja
Anytime butter. I use it for breads and for baking.
Butter tastes so much better.
Butter. I dislike the taste of margarine. We mostly use clarified butter in our food. It is the healthier form of butter.
Butter. It's natural. Sure, it's full of fat, so I just don't use a lot of it. I don't touch margarine.
Butter as I think less handled foods are better.
Butter as I think less handled foods are better.
Butter is saturated fat which raises the bad blood cholesterol and adds to heart attack risk. Just image a piece of cholesterol breaking away and causing sudden death to your loved ones or yourself! I eat very little margarine (one small tub for our family lasts around 2 or 3 months) and rarely a bit of butter. Mostly we use olive oil as it increases the good cholesterol which helps counter bad cholesterol. People should take this seriously and do their own proper research rather than simply assuming anything "natural" is good for them. Tobacco is natural but is it good for you? Good health to all of you :).
Studies are now showing that fat is not the enemy that it was once thought to be.
I only ever use butter. Marge is a chemical by product. I hate the taste of marge.
I favour butter especially after advice from a naturopath many years ago. There are fat soluable vitamins in butter which are not found in margarine.
Butter, it keeps the cows employed...
Butter absolutely. If you have ever seen what margarine looks like before they add that artificial yellow colouring you would NEVER eat it again. It's the most horrible stuff... and so bad for you
I like butter but it is too pricy at tmes

by Gia
butter. After all i've read about margarine wouldn't touch the stuff any more. I don't eat a lot of butter but when I do I prefer it. Its a whole food so as per the fresh full cream milk discussion, if you are going to have it, the little bit you do, it may as well be the good stuff and whole foods are good for you, even those in the diary section of the food triangle. The flavour is also sensational.
Would you believe 'dAIry section'.....hopefully it's NOT a 'dated' section! Lol!
by donjo
Butter every time. It is filled with healthy fats, tastes better and it's even cheaper.
Butter! Most definitely
Tried Low Cholesterol Margarine for a few years', until I couldn't stand the taste of it any longer!

Since then, have purchased ONLY 'Mainland' (NZ) Butter as it's triple churned to make it spreadable from 'fridge, with no additives!

Many of those 'spreadable' butters', look at ingredients' list & you'll see they've got some type of OIL in them to make them spreadable! Oh yucky-yuk!
Olive oil margarine.
Margarine as money is tight
Neither - from childhood have never been able to eat either butter or margarine - makes me want to puke. My mum used to say it was because I was a "war baby".
Butter always.
BUTTER!!!! mmmmmm . . . . !
by Rice
Margarine, usually.
But if there is not margarine available, I'm not against using butter.

For the last 6 or 7 years, we've only been buying unsalted butter, after our eldest daughter put us onto it, reminding us of what's in the margins, & that we shouldn't eating it!
by Miro
Butter sparingly & not often. Olive oil & butter are the only fats I ever use.
Butter, butter and more butter. Love the taste of it and use it in cooking also. Cakes just don't turn out or taste the same without it. However my husband prefers margarine and uses his own so if I'm making sandwiches for us, its margarine for him and butter for me.
I use butter but I take it only in breakfast with bread.
Definetely butter. It's high in fat but it's natural, not like margarine.
Only butter allowed in my house. Cold pressed olive oil too.
Definately butter
by sns
Butter always, I don't use margarine.
Neither one - lactose intolerant.
I usually buy cholesterol lowering margarine in the hope it will actually lower my cholesterol level a little. Occasionally I buy butter because I love the taste of it.

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