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Best way to keep in touch with family or friends living far away?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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We live in an era which gives us a range of choices in the realm of communication with family and friends who live far away or overseas.

We can make phone calls, write emails, make video calls, send text messages or use text apps, or keep the good old tradition of snail mail alive.

What is your preferred method of communication and why?

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Top Answers
Social networking sites, Skype, Google hangouts to name a few. Calling may be expensive. There are apps like Viber with which calling also gets easy.
I use several ways to keep in touch with certain people.

I believe for each of them....there is a perfect choice.

For work and 'some' friends I will text....To ask how they are...and let them know I am thinking about them.
These are people who are Very busy, so a phone call is not appropriate.They all have very busy lives, and would not be able to have a 'long-and meaningful' at any given time......They contact me, when they can....then we have a chat.

Then there are the people who do have the time to chat....and I give them a call....
Then there are those, who are very far away...I use Skype, and I really love the idea.
I also have friends who find it better for them....if I email, so I do.
We share ideas,and photos ect.

Then.........there are a couple who because of age, they Love a letter from me, so I always use colourful writing paper, and I have to say I for one, will never let the art of writing die.

I love it, you can be creative,it is a personal reminder that a person has gone to the trouble....and something tangible they can keep.

When my son disappeared some time back, he just left...no goodbye, nothing...it broke my heart.I started to look for the one letter from him,months went by.....and then it came.I kept it with me all the time.I would read it over and over.
Then another would come....and another.There is something powerful about a letter.It is to me still a powerful way to keep in touch,for sentiment...or even just hard copy.
It is a way different life to the one i had growing up whereby each weekend we would go visiting or family n friends would come to our house, Then the computer came to most houses as well as mobile phones and land lines started to kinda die out and peoples lifestyles went manic and then no one has much time to spare or to do anything for anyone and thats family or friends. Ask yourself, how many times do you ring a friend and they are always too busy to talk or its a rushed conversation and you want to know how they are. Emails might be great for o/seas people but when its down to family thats ridiculous if they dont live that far away. Then there are texts gosh.......... thats good for certain things but to catch up and invite people to here or there........ no one has time to do anything or to fit people in. Family send one liner texts.........how are you? good?..... like getta grip! sorry its too clinical and sterile for me. no warmth no kindness really and you dont know much about people any more. .... Its quite bewildering actually.

by summer
Well that's why I use all the 'Options' I can to stay in touch with all my family and friends.
I'm not a fan of Text....but if it will keep those lines open of 'some' communication, due to those people being very very busy.
As I said....it's only one way I stay in touch, in the end I aim to not let any of my friends or even family slip away that easy.
I still believe, a Letter is something to be valued.It can be read at the time that suits them, and you can have a great deal of fun with it.
Plus: It tangible, and that is pretty cool.
by jonaja
The phone is great. Use something like a Joy card - you save heaps. Otherwise Skype is great. E-mail can also be good.
It seems to me that no one uses the traditional mail anymore. While Skype or email are cheap and convenient ways to keep in touch, I sometimes enjoy a hand-written postcard during holidays and special occasions.
Oh, yes, postcards are lovely too. My daughter really enjoys getting postcards from her grandparents when they are away.
Social networking sites are great because most of them are free, and all you need is an internet connection. It is also a good way for family to see pics and vice versa.
I like "snail mail" because getting a letter is very special, but I've kind of given up on it because you don't get many replies. My daughter and a friend sometimes send each other pictures in the post (neither of them can write yet) which I think is sweet.

Mainly I prefer to use skype and email.
Having recently taken a cruise and had limited access to home, I would say that social networking sites would be the best way to keep in touch. Mainly because you can contact everyone at once.
I love sending and receiving emails from friends and have set up a special email address for only that purpose. It's so nice to log on and not have 100 marketing emails to wade through when I just want my letter! I have a good friend overseas at the moment and it's nice when I get a free moment to sit down with a cuppa and read about her adventures and write back. I still haven't mastered Skype and feel like I should "dress up" a bit more than what I dag around the house in, so would rather a phone call.
What a huge worry for you, especially because he just left and you didnt know where he was. However, what a thrill to finally know he was alive. I hope your relationship with him is good. It is just such a wonderful feeling to receive a hard copy from someone so precious to you. Like you said, you do read the letters over and over and over till the written word is nearly worn off.

In this day and age there are plenty of options but my favorites would be Viber, Skype, FB & Txt. If all else fails and I cant connect with someone overseas, then my last resort would be the good old ground phone! Its pretty cheap to be globally connected today via methods other than telephoning.
Email is great as I do not like phone
by Finy
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