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At what age are you washed up?

by Gia (follow)
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I never really thought about this before I saw this question posted on a Facebook page.
The subtitle was : You may be washed up earlier than you think.

At what age are you washed up? Is this really a question we should be considering?
Read the article here

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Top Answers
I think as long as you act your age and not your shoe size it's ok! And we have to keep in mind that age is also about feeling, not all about numbers.
I don't like to think anyone is washed up.
If you can breath, your able to do something.
If you are referring to getting a job, my dad was made redundant after more than thirty years in ever having one job. He was over 50, and it took him almost exactly a year to get another job. Age was very probably a contributing factor in being turned down in a lot of jobs, but he still managed it in the end. There is also the fact that since retirement age is ever on the increase, and people are going to have to work longer into later life, being washed up isn't going to be an option.
It really is a state of mind - I like to think I shall never feel "washed up".
by Lucy
Its a bit disheartening to see that people think of others as being washed up. People are valuable as long as they are alive, whether they are actively contributing or not. I cant imagine that my parents or grandparents will be considered washed up because they are old and cannot do as they did in their youthful years.
by Gia
In December 2014, I think the "washed up" age is 30 years. We may now be required to work til we are 70 but I feel that is totally unrealistic as young people rule the world and they don't seem to like working with anyone over 30. I mean 50 years of age is way out of the question. This is a world for the beautiful people and older people need to realise that no matter HOW much experience you have it is never going to help if you aren't young.
Hi I'm 72, still working and enjoying what I do. I believe as long as you get a kick out of what you do and your health is good, then keep doing it. Enjoy your life doing what you like. And when you no longer get a kick out of what ever it is that you do, it's time to try something else, something new, a new challenge, provided its within you're capabilities, then go for it! Life is there for enjoying and discovering new things and new challenges! Brian
by centa
Well I don't think young people rule the world as such, because a lot of the major decisions in this world are not done by young people but older people who have experience. I don't think it's nice to put people in a corner because they are older, that is actually bordering to discrimination. I think young people want everything now and not wait for things, so I guess there is bad and good in been young and old, but either way everyone is always useful in this world - no matter what other people say, in actual fact young people have a lot to learn from older people when it comes to value and respect, so I am afraid my friend we are all on the same boat in this world, we don't own this world we are just passing by as tenants.
by rubin
I agree with your comment...........but you can only continue with what you enjoy doing if you are allowed to. I have many, many friends - all in the one industry (health care) and each and every one of them is now out of the industry and wasting their talents away at home because their colleagues wanted them out of the job so that younger people could be employed in their positions. This problem is world wide and industry wide. No argument.
by fran.
Discrimination against older people in the job market is the great unchallenged crime of our time.
Recruitment agencies will not even put up an older person for a job in case it damages their relationship with the employer.
Older people have a great deal of knowledge and skill to share and are not washed up but they are thrown out by the younger people running corporations. This is why the Liberal parties drive to force older people to give up the right to the pension at 65 is so evil. It simply continues the humiliating process of being rejected for employment for another 5 years.
So right kstew ! Does not matter how intelligent or experienced you are. I have seen it, witnessed it and am now no longer working. Don't mind that much really because when I look back on my experiences with younger people, I was never going to be able to cope anyway. I would love for older people (like between the ages of 35 to 65) to organise themselves, to "join forces" and show the younger generation a thing or two. But that is not going to happen.
by fran.
All other groups who suffer discrimination have made changes. All we need is governance that enforces laws around the activity.
They are too busy slashing jobs and living standards to pay the 190 Billion dollars required to pay arms dealers for Jet fighters and submarines that we don't need.
They now say we are a burden going forwards but have forgotten all about our contribution until they started ignoring us.
by kstew
What age? The day you die & not before!
Some people are 'washed up' at quite an early age, others are never 'washed up' - however in some businesses I think one is considered 'washed up' by the age of 40
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