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As a society, are we too concerned about attaining eternal youth?

by Vee (follow)
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Crows feet
"Crow's feet". Image by curlsdiva, via morgueFile.com

With all the anti-aging products available in today’s brave new world, I sometimes think I will be the only person with wrinkles when I reach ‘that age’.

As a society, are we too concerned about attaining eternal youth?

Do you use any anti-aging products?

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Top Answers
YES YES YES!!!! 100% YES!

It's absurd, and I wrote an article about it only recently. Not specifically about ageing, but about the beauty industry and how they've invented all these problems we need their products to fix.

The antiaging propaganda says that you should start using their produces in your early 20s and yet the science shows that people - of course mainly women - who do use it SHOW MORE SIGNS OF AGEING!!! And it's no wonder really, with all that chemical junk going on your skin. Plus, the standards for safety in the beauty industry are extremely low as opposed to food or health products. So you really don't know what you're using when you buy that over priced, age accelerating stuff.
products, not produces. Stupid autocorrect!!!
by meggf
I am not old enough to be at the stage using anti-agei products, but my opinion is this: Using moisturisers, and other sorts of creams to keep your skin healthy and looking youthful for as long as possible is a good idea. I wouldn't, however, use products that just cover up the fact.
I think yes.

It creates a "norm".

It makes people too image conscious.

This is potentially quite self-destructive
I certainly think so. No matter what we are all getting older. We should learn to ageggracefully.
Some people go overboard.
It is ok to get a cream, to put on those wrinkles.
But! where do you draw the line?
I'm not a fan of lines on my face, but no way would I go under the knife
That is just Vain!. And very very scary.
She is so scary!
by Vee
she sure is.
by jonaja
by Rice
I certainly think we are obsessed with attaining eternal youth and beauty. I don't use anti-ageing products but will moisturise with virgin coconut oil.

I think we need to accept the fact that we will age and that we cannot achieve some ridiculous ideal. Once we do that, we can focus on intrinsic goals and really be happy.
by Vee
And I think NO -you cannot generalise -I am no longer interested in plastic surgery which I was when I was a bit younger.

It really does not matter what I look like -i am the same person whether i use ANti aging products or not.

They only work on looks and do not really work or there would be no one around with wrinkles.

We hear so much about this in the media and see it on television, however this is not a true section of the population.

It is not nice to get really old however it beats the alternative and getting old is something everyone HAS to do regardless of wealth, race, colour or anything else.

We cannot attain eternal youth so what is the point of trying -we can but do our best to live a healthy life but attaining eternal youth is just not a "real" vision.

Maybe in the future?
by Finy
LOL, I know we can't generalise, Finy. But, if we didn't know better and looked at representations of women in the media, we could say, "yes" with certainty.

I think we might be able to do something about it in the future, and, like Huxley's characters in 'Brave New World', young looking old people will just drop dead without any physical indication of their age. I think it's scary to be honest.
by Vee
Society has too many pre-concieved ideas, one being eternal youth. Nature should be allowed to take its course. I am over 65; don't use anti-aging products. They are far too expensive and a complete waste of money
I'm totally with you sjcmm. :)
by Vee
ooops to many photos - Sorry!
Yes! Fancy spending all your time trying to capture something like eternal youth and still waking up dead. LOL. What a waste of time.
by Rice
Yes. I dislike mutton dressed as lamb. A certain high profile Sydney female with plenty of botox and whatever else used as well as a singer who no longer looks like they used to spring to mind. I have very few wrinkles for my age and my skin is good using only water and a daily moisturiser on my face. I don't care if the wrinkles come, after all, it's stll me in my own skin.
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