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Are you offended by breastfeeding photos?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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breastfeeding mother child art
By Franz Ignaz Oefele (1721–1797) via Wikimedia Commons

Some people seem to find breastfeeding photos offensive and rather than just scroll by, they report the photos and/ or harass the person who posted them. Do you find them offensive?

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Top Answers
DEEPLY offended! Especially when they are reported and removed. In fact ONLY when they are reported and removed come to think of it!
I have never been offended by a breastfeeding photo. I am puzzled by those who are.... and am really puzzled by those who actually report and get the photos removed. Why bother? If you don't like it, then don't look at it.
It seems to be a very recent attitude now, searching for images of breastfeeding in art, there are hundreds, from a very wide range of cultures and over a very wide timespan. One painting I found was a family portrait, a very formal picture, complete with feeding infant. It seems that until very recently, depictions of breastfeeding was not only considered normal and acceptable, it was actually a good activity to show in a picture! Why have we undergone such a dramatic change?
Not at all am I offended, by breastfeeding photo's.

No I am not offended by photographs or images of a woman breastfeeding. Why would one be offended when this act is as ancient and commonplace as washing your hands or combing your hair or changing a nappy or mashing the vegetables for you babies dinner.
Breast feeding is a perfectly natural and lovely thing. I am offended by people who are offended by images of it, not by the images themselves!
No way - breastfeeding is a wonderful, natural, part of every day life.
by Lucy
I wish I had some on this computer to share! I have photos of myself (which I shared on my facebook) breastfeeding my daughter almost EVERYWHERE! She was always feeding while we were getting touristy photos taken lol I love breastfeeding photos! I really wish I had more from breastfeeding my son. I don't really understand why someone would be offended by breastfeeding pictures!
Umm, yeah but they can become a little like people showing you their ultrasound.......
by fran.
lol yeah - I totally get that some people get sick of seeing them...Just like they get sick of seeing photos of the kids NOT breastfeeding and photos of my garden etc...But that's different (IMO) to being offended by them.
by lizzi
I love images of mothers breastfeeding their babies!
by Vee
Absolutely NOT. WHAT is offensive for crying out loud???? If it bothers you don't look, Find something REAL to be offended by like killings, rape, murders, but breast feeding a baby, oh come on…..
Not at all!
Some people really do need to get a life. There are a lot of photo styles and subject matter I do find offensive, but beast feeding a babe is not one of them.
I am deeply offended by people who are offended by and report breast feeding photos. It is the most natural thing in the world. I bet if the boobies in the photos did not have a baby attached to them the twats would not have reported them.
I don't take ant offence to a breast fed baby.I think it's beautiful and natural.
Breast feeding is so very natural. Some people out there enjoy complaining about everything.
No, I'm not offended by pictures of breastfeeding - however, I do believe women should show a bit of decorum when out in public and have one of those small 'blankets/cloth pieces' to put over themselves rather than just flop in out for all & sundry to see (& yes, I have witnessed this, numerous times).
I am deeply offended ----- by people who are offended by photos of mothers breast feeding. If yo look in any magazine there are celebrities with their tits out and no one bats an eye. Attach a baby to that same breast and oh my god how dare you offend my eyes by using your breasts for what mother nature intended them for. Get a grip people and bitch about real atrocities.
Fabulous repy, redph. I needed that. Thanks. :-D
by Vee
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