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Are you ever too old to learn?

by Gayle Beveridge (follow)
Gayle Beveridge
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Learning by codhra via morgueFile
Learning (Image by codhra via morgueFile)

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but is that true? Are you ever too old to learn?

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Top Answers
As long as you have your faculties you are never too old to learn. I recently heard of a woman of 94 who has just got her PhD.
What did get get her PhD in?
by kirk3
Sorry, I don't know that so I can't answer your question.
I don't think one is ever too old to learn.

That stupid saying ''You can't teach an old dog new tricks''...is about a Dog!

People are far more smarter, and we really need to get rid of such negative sayings.
They are defeating to the max!

It can be hard for some who are in their 80's & 90's, but as long as they have a reasonable mind, and not forgetting what you say....of course! people can learn.

It has been proven that as people get around 55-60 age group, they DO! need to learn something from time to time.
Keeping the mind working, and we know it has to have 'input', so it can function better.

I totally am for:''Computers being for Older People''.

It is something they can look forward too, each day....Play a game or two, talk to family in a email and grandchildren and friends.

Youtube for learning new skills, and of course one can find New Friends to talk too.

If their partner has died, a good form of company.
They can learn whatever!

A lot who do use the computer, have notes on it , so they follow the instructions.

Computers could be a saving grace, for our older folk....
The 'type' can be made very big, and sound is always there.

We have never been in a better position, to learn...and that go's for all ages.

LOL! jonaj, I think that quote about "old dogs" definitely applies to some people. I also think it's less about acquiring practical skills than it is about changing habits and aspects of character. Good points though. ;)
by Vee
Never! My daughter told me last year that one of the students in her uni history class was a man in his 90s.
That is so amazing! :)
by jonaja
I find that we learn more after we leave school,
depends on the teachers some are very good, some are very bad, and really do not know much about the subject that they are teaching.
Nope. That's why I have this Earth Kitt quote in my profile signature: "I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma."
I would hate think that a time would come when I stopped learning. My mother learned to use a computer when she was in her 70's. She's 84 now has has recently bought a new laptop. She searches the internet for recipes, knitting patterns, and anything else that takes her fancy and she keeps her financial records on MS Money. (Mum was a bookeeper in her day.)
Your mum is definitely a star !
by BK
I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW YOUR MUM....Bless her heart! :)
by jonaja
I'm with Marie, as long as you've got your wits about you, no. I once heard of a man, aged 99, who completed a law degree at uni. That's awesome!
by Vee
Yes it is!!! :)

by jonaja
As long as your mental faculties are intact you can learn whatever you want.
Life is a learning canvas, every day every hour and every second. If we think by the time we reach a certain age, we are too old to learm, what wonderous oportunities are we missing out on? Too many. To remain contempary in the current market we have to keep up with technology and advancments in the world. By being role models and learning at a mature age, we will show our children and grandchildren that education is essential. But be careful - anyone can learn from a book. Life learnt skills are hardest taught and hardest to learn from.

Nope!!! and it gets more exciting as you grow mellow-er

Never. It is difficult to get through the day without learning something new. Also, studying something of interest can keep a fire going in you!
Anyone can learn something, if they choose to. I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks. But sometimes it can take longer to learn a new thing if the person is older.
by Faye
Never ever! I'm always taking on something new to learn, particularly with elearning so accessible these days.

One of the most inspiring people I've ever met was a woman who was studying psychology when she was in her 80s. She was so motivated and excited by learning and had so much to teach the rest of us.
I think Learning is even more important as we grow older. I don't mean classroom learning, but learning from the world around us etc. Retirement can often give us the ideal opportunity for that. It's important to keep our brains active as we grow older.
by kimp
No, no one is too old to learn, i for one am always willing to learn am always checking with the TAFE and the local community college for courses
Its a matter of the mind. I have told myself early that I will be open to new things and not be stuck in my ways.
I don't think you are ever too old to learn new things ..... if you want to! Some people use their age as an excuse. I never intend to be one of those people.
Absolutely Not!
No! I get DVD's of subject matter in which I'm interested from 'The Great Courses'. It's totally for my enjoyment, & easy learning!

It sure beats going to Universiry & 'formally' studying. Did enough of that at School & for Work!

No, I don't think so. I think life itself is a complete learning experience. I also think both formal and informal means of education assist in that learning experience.
I don't think you are ever too old to learn,and why should you be, I think it's good to keep the mind active.
I don't think so, but it depends on the subject.
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