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Are you currently trying to overcome a fear?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have any fears?

Are you trying to overcome this fear or have you learnt to live with it?

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Top Answers
I seem to have many fears and one is to do with my dogs -I dn twant them to outlive me as one is mental and would not survive with someone else, and the other is going blind and I worry if anything happens to me, what will happen to him.

I also have a fear of being late -I get so worked up if I am not on time, that I get everywhere early!
by Finy
Yes. I have a great fear of my husband dying. He is only 40 but has heart problems and his health has not been the best, he needs to have more tests and I have a fear the results won't be good.
thriftyfrugalfun, How is your husband now? I don't know long ago this question was written, as I haven't seen it before. My husband had a few heart problems about 10 years ago, & will always have to take a couple of pills a day for it, but he's had 2 operations & 2/4 'stents' put in. I guess you've already looked into something like this for your husband, or isn't it practical?
by Miro
I have a fear of tunnels and caves - I can't go near them
by AJ
Can you DRIVE through a tunnel?
Can you go through one on a TRAIN?

I'm interested in your reason(s) re: caves. I love them. As I've studied Geology, they're part of my life.
Thank you, AJ........
by donjo
I suffer from 'fear' every single day
I am alive.

If I pray, it go's.......peace then comes, so it has proven to
me, that prayer can fix it.

Some would say it is just my imagination, but my fear is so 'overwhelming', and been with me all my life.
I could not convince myself.
Prayer is very powerful stuff.
At present in an emotional state due to conflict with my adult son who can't forgive me for past mistakes.....my fear is I won't be able to continue seeing and spending time with my granddaughter...what's wrong with him, why can't he move on as an adult....who would be a parent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
by Fran
I have gone through this for a long time, and over the years I have had to sit down and try to talk to my son, about it.He is now 37, and it may get better as I try and keep trying.
Sometimes we may need to plead, and ask for forgiveness, before they will even sit with us.(a lot of the time it is also them-not forgiving-moving on)It is something, a hard heart likes to 'hang on to'....In our case our sons.I just had to keep chipping away at his harshness, and anger at me...One would have thought I had killed someone?...but a mothers heart will keep loving him, and just know that forgiveness needs to also at times be a two-way street.
If he will not relent, that means he is at fault.
Love him, over and over...send notes, and 'try' to just let him see your mothers heart. It will take time, maybe a long time...but well worth it...We do in the end also walk on egg-shells but until they grow up! what can we do.They are our sons, and we should keep going best as we can....take heart you are not alone :)
by jonaja
Thanks Jona, good advice....hard to put into practise though...glad you have had some success.....
by Fran
I live by something I learnt years ago''kill with kindness''.
It overcomes bad feelings. :))
by jonaja
I hope you can work it out.
Thank you everyone....very kind....will see how we go....mello-yello after some meditation....
by Fran
Yes! I have a real fear of heights! Even looking down from the top floor of Indooroopilly Shoppingtown to the bottom makes me freeze and my palm break put in a sweat. Don't think I'll ever be very brave about being in high places. What's strange is I love flying in planes but I think the fact that I'm in an enclosed space makes me feel safe.
I have lots of fears that I am trying to overcome - the fear of my husband having an accident at work, the fear of my son falling ill, the fear of not being good enough. Some of them are rational, others aren't so much.
by Vee
Vee give those fears to "Him" :)
by jonaja
Sometimes it's hard to let go, jonaj.
by Vee
I used to be a high-strung person, stressing over pretty much everything which for me caused a low-form of fear. As I age, I've acclimatized to my situation. I won't say that I'm 100% better, but I am much better than I was when I was young.
I have been living in fear and uncertainty for almost a year now - the fear that this LNP government will be re-elected in the future - the uncertainty of the wisdom of my trust in the intelligence of human beings.

You'd prefer a labor fed. gov't?
Now, THAT is a fear, held by many.
by donjo
You are probably right Donjo. I have only ever had a leaning toward the party that does the best for and my family, my friends, my neighbours……even some of my enemies, so naturally, I have always voted for the Left. But if I get wind of the LNP having more to offer me in working conditions, safety of pensions, health care etc. etc., then I am immediately going to change my vote. Greedy attitude I know, but you have to look after yourself first (and your children of course).
So, I guess next year I might be voting for the Right…….I don't think !
by fran.
Yes, HIGHTS is a fear I have! (And spelling words wrongly on these AA's) although I've never minded being in a normal size plane! I did cry to myself in a small 12 seater flying over the grand Canyon & back again, while trying to take photos through the window in '89! Then I was crying to my self, coming down a very steep hill on Santorini, by bus, to the ferry wharf in '03. I think I should go & have therapy! Even seeing people on TV walking over extremely high bridges that sway in a breeze, make my hands sweat!!!
by Miro
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