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Are you an early riser?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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What time do you wake up? Do you feel you get enough sleep? Do you wake up early to go to the office or for your morning workout?

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Top Answers
Yes I am usually up around 3am or 4am, I get up, do some work and if time allows I may climb back to bed at 6am to finish my sleep.
Not at all an early riser. But do try to get up by 6.30 for morning exercise and finishing the domestic chores. But I always feel sleep deprived!
Yes I am an early riser. I sleep early, so that when I wake up, I feel fresh. I had to wakeup early to prepare lunch for my husband and kid and then workout.
No way...I can be awake the whole night.Even if I slept a solid ten hours, I would whine to wake up early.Its just too difficult for me.
I wake up as late as I am able to still get to work on time (showering the night before and eating brekkie on the go!). On days when I'm not working, or have flexible hours I wake up around 7, and get up around 9..!
I sleep very late but still have to get up early to get my kids to school. Holidays are blissful as U can sleep in half hour more! No I don't like getting up early if I don't have to.
A definite yes. I would not like missing my morning workouts and feel hung up the whole day..!!
I do get up early.......but! I also go to bed quite late.
No I do not get enough sleep, at all.
Yes, and reluctantly sometimes. The alarm calls at 5am most mornings for work.
Unless I have freelance work to do, I get up around 7 and do feel refreshed. If there's work to do, I get up at 3 and do it then.
No. I prefer to stay up late and get things done of a night time. I work part-time and in the afternoons, so I suppose I can afford to keep doing what I'm doing. I can't believe some of you wake so early! Four in the morning. Wow!
by Vee
No. I am happiest when I wake between 9 - 11am as I never get to sleep til about 2 - 4am !
I wake up most morning around 5am. I get up and do what I have to before it gets too hot.
Definitely not. Every now and then I'm awake at daylight (Usually because haven't gone to sleep yet) and I think to myself "it's so fresh and quiet and lovely" but I get over it and go back to bed. I've seen several sunrises in my 60 years and really they're all quite similar so why bother. Sunsets are more varied anyway.
When people wish me Good Morning I tend to snarl "You got 1 out of 2 right." or "Is it? It's too early too tell." I once apparently kicked friend who tried to wake me up.
Sleeping is my second favourite hobby after reading.
I am, but mostly because I have young children. Before I had children, I liked to stay up late and sleep in.
No way! I prefer late nights and later mornings
I am usually up by 6:30.
by Gia
To me there is nothing more enjoyable than hiking at sunrise so yes when work commitments allow i love to rise early.
To me there is nothing more enjoyable than hiking at sunrise so yes when work commitments allow i love to rise early.
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