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Are you afraid of elevators?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by Fletcher6, sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

As a child, I hated elevators. They made my stomach lurch and I was always afraid of becoming trapped in one or having it plummet to the ground. Come to think of it, as an adult, I still donít feel comfortable in them.

Are you afraid of elevators? Why or why not?

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Top Answers
I am exactly the same as you. I have a phobia of lifts. I keep imagining them going into free fall. I take the stairs whenever possible.
Apparently, if you're ever in a situation where that happens, you're suppose to lie down on your stomach in the middle of the elevator with your arms and legs sprawled out so that you can best absorb the impact and so increase your chances of survival. F.Y.I.
by Vee
Although I've never heard anyone say that, I was aware that lying flat absorbs the impact. Even if I didn't I would do that just through instinct.
No I am not afraid of elevators.
I usually don't have a problem with them. When i worked in a 20 storey building it was a bit different, I was on level 13 and had to catch the express lift from ground floor all the way to 13 as the first stop. I wasn't scared, but my stomach would lurch at the speed of acceleration on the way up.
OH MY GOSH! THAT IS SO SCARY. Really, for me.
by Vee
Plummeting ..makes me scared.
Stuck with a lot of people, a big no-no.
Stuck alone even bigger one.

Stuck with someone real nice :) no problems....I can be brave!
Great answer jonaj. :)
by Vee
tanks :) lol
by jonaja
NOPE!! I seek the elevators out. I hate climbing up/down stairs, lazy as I am. I take the elevators whenever the choice presents itself.
I'd go for the elevators if I was heading for the top floor of a tall building, or if I have a pram. Otherwise, it's the stairs for me. I like to race people up and down them. Of course, they don't know it's a race. LOL.
by Vee
I'm not afraid of them, but I don't exactly like them either. Some of them still make me really queazy.
Lifts dont generally bother me unless it is an old one where you have to manually close the two doors -like they were many years ago.

I always feel safe knowing that you can push the Panic button and speak to someone!

The one exception was the Twin Towers -those lifts were disgusting -so quick, they left my stomach behind. And I WAS scared then.
by Finy
Wow, when did you visit them Finy?
by Vee
probably 15 years ago and oddly enough, the lift driver joked and said, if one of these towers falls, so will the other -sheeeesh, perhaps he was from El Quaida...will get to more of your question, Vee on weekend, am working almost full time voluntary at the moment...
by Finy
They're a means to get from A to Z rapidly. Better than having to walk UP stairs!

Got locked in one a few years' ago, at a large city shopping centre! Used Emergency Phone in lift & was out within 3 minutes! I was glad I had a mobile phone as well!
Did it scare me? Not in the slightest!
Did it turn me off lift-travelling? Never!
Wahahaha! Oh, donjo, what a pair we are. I do the spiel from one of the old cartoons, "Roasters, coasters, electric toasters. Mind your step." (in the Bronx accent.) We would scare the populace if out together!!!!!
by Rice
Ha Rice! Let's do it! Yay!
by donjo
I too was trapped in a small old one in 41 degree heat on my own! Out of the way and on a saturday, lucky I had the mobile and called for help which came within an hour... was assured that elevators never fall like in the movies, lots of safety devices attached to them which is comforting... so just wary of them and not really scared...
Generally no. But if packed I feel uneasy. I have been stuck in elevators on a few occassions, once on my own, once with a person who got nervous and decided to smoke a cigarette :-( and once with a couple of other people. Longest delay was 45 minutes (with the smoker) otherwise only about 10 minutes or so.
No, but I am terrified of escalators. I am a nightmare to shop with. LOL. My daughter hates elevators . . . . what a pair!
by Rice
I am going to amend my answer as I have just remembered being dragged into a glass elevator (grrrrr) and being scared witless - I stood against the door with my eyes closed.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, not a good situation for either of you!

When in lift packed with 'oldies', I act as lift-operator, stating 'next floor, Manchester, Toys, & Haberdashery'. They all giggle, & have a hoot for a few seconds!

Coming from a concert/show/orchestral, in same as above, I turn my back to door, & say, 'wasn't that a great (whatever)? & they all answer, sharing happily for the 'ride'.

I like doing this, as it seems many of the populace just have from a tiny, to a H U G E fear in lifts, as it seems to 'break-down that fear somewhat. Sometimes you can actually see their heads, & shoulders relax!

I'd like that to be just one of my contributions to 'community service'.
by donjo
I'm always in panic mode when I'm in one, afraid I'll be stuck between floors and claustrophobic as well.
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