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Are you afraid of dogs?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by pippalou, sourced from Morguefile.

I was buckling my son into the car when a scary-looking dog approached me. It was alone, and I was afraid. As I carefully shut the car door, and tried to act cool, its owner appeared with a leash. I wouldn’t have been so afraid had it not been for my son.

Are you afraid of dogs?

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Top Answers
I see many dogs when doing my leaflet rounds, and owners are so casual, about how 'he/she won't hurt you'. Maybe not, but I don't know that or the dog.

If I see any out of their property I call the council on the spot. a certain number of calls means a warning notice and then it'll advance further if it continues.
Good for you, amand. I always say, "He/she has never bitten anyone", as opposed to the old conker of, "Oh, he/she is alright and won't bite." I would never let my dogs bound up to a stranger and frighten them. Also, people put dogs into stressful situations without thinking what the "animal response" might be. . . . like the peole who keep pushing a nervous dog to accept a pat! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
by Rice
Those of us who are responsible dog owners would never take a dog out unless it was leashed. I get SO angry when I see other people letting their dogs run amok, frightening people who are nervous around dogs or have tiny dogs with them. They seem oblivious to the fact that their own dogs could end up dead under a car or cause significant damage to people, pets and property. Their children are usually little *bleeps* too. My dogs go out in a collar AND a harness with a double ended leash which clips to both and gives me a great degree of control if needed. *climbs down from soapbox*
by Rice
No, not really. But I'm cautious of dogs that I meet for the first time. I've only recently had the experience of partially owning a dog. He is a young. However he is much faster than I am and incredibly strong. So I don't take take any dog of his comparable size for granted.
I generally have learnt to read a dogs demeanour....sometimes I get it wrong..,but not afraid of dogs.
The question here is ''why'' are dogs not on a leash!
I have been asked to go for a walk, and there is no way with dogs today....I'm walking on my streets.
Even when, we live in a very quite little town.

Yes I am very much afraid of them!

I don't know the history of any one dog, so I have to say you can never assume each dog is friendly.
Is there are a reason why you're afraid of dogs jonaj?
by Vee
Well as I say if I don't know the History of a dog, then it could be abused, or just a badly trained dog, they like to bite!
by jonaja
Not afraid but I try to avoid the vicious breeds.
by Gia
Having had dogs all my life I am generally not afraid.

However in a new situation I am scared if a dog comes running towards me or my dogs, which sometimes happens.

I know most of the dogs in my area, however when there is a new one, I am always a bit worried particularly if I am in the park and dogs are all off leashes.

Perhaps the word is cautious with new dogs.
by Finy
I really love dogs but was bitten twice as a kid so am a little nervous of strange dogs - especially big ones.
Posted to different question, in error! Well, it IS 0245hours!

See 'what flavour ice cream topping do you like'!
LOL, donjo what are you doing up at this time?
by Vee
Oh! Vee, you KNOW I'm an 'owl'! Lol!
I'd got home from a 'Trivia' night so brain was still on 'full throttle', so had to wait until it had slowed down! For me, quickest way for that to happen is to be answering questions on this site! Very relaxing! Lol!
by donjo
LOL, that's very good to know. I'll be sure to keep them coming. ;-)
by Vee
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