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Are you afraid of death?

by Vee (follow)
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As a child, I had an intense fear of dying and being buried alive. Now, my main concern is leaving behind those I love.

Are you afraid of death and/or dying?

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Top Answers
I suppose it's easy to say when it doesn't seem close by (even though it always is really) but no. I do hate the idea of leaving behind the people I love, and of the pain that go with death but not death itself.
yep, terrified - more for missing out on all the wonderful things in the world.
Lydia, thanks for your candid response. It is, in a way, comforting to know we're in the same boat.
by Vee
I'm afraid of dying too soon - I have a huge bucket list of things to do before I die, and my only fear is not being able to accomplish them in time.
Not at all; I may experience that pre exit anxiety, rather like leaving the party and remembering to farewell everyone of importance to me there. To me, life and lives are rounds of opportunity to play the game with friends and foe who choose to incarnate with me at any given point in time. Love and compassion being the goals, for myself and others. Much easier glibly said than done.
A good few years ago....I had a rest on my bed.

It was a Saturday about 2pm....I did not go to sleep,but I did close my eyes.

What happened then, is very hard to tell people.
I have to say, I had an experience that unequivocally convinced me, there is far more to this life.
After maybe a few minutes, I opened my eyes.
What I had seen, and where I had been...sent my brain scrambling for answers.
As I say, I did not fall asleep.
Mystified, and changed forever I was never the same person again.
I did know that it was not a place that every person will go too.
So I have no fear now, but a peace that passes all understanding.
What I saw and felt was nothing short of astonishing!...I want that, when I die.
That's why I have a belief, even before I had this vision.I am not frightened, I
would care less if I died tomorrow....I would be very sad for my family, but I can not stop what is going to happen.We all die.

Now I have seen for myself, which was a extraordinary experience.

I'm very grateful for it, and what people think is up to them.

I can say I not only felt a great sense of a higher power...it WAS HUGE.
I also felt love like you can not even have while alive.I think if we did we would
Wow jonaj! You're very blessed.
by Vee
I do feel that...I had just done two of the hardest years visiting men in jail.It was during a hard time in my ministry and also my life.I think it was a reward of some kind, to help me keep going.
by jonaja
That's sounds about right jonaj.
by Vee
by jonaja
That's a wonderful account to share.
I am scared of others dying more than of myself dying. The finality of the death of others rocks me to the core, the fact a love one could die tomorrow and I will never see them again, worries me more than it should. With my own death, unless I'm ill, I'll likely not get much warning about it, so don't worry too much of my own demise, except it saddens me to think that if I died too young that my kids would be left without a mum. As with many things of the serious nature, I try to keep my brain occupied so I don't dwell on such topics. I think I am a natural born worrier, and if I think on these subjects, I get very sad. When I have lost someone that I am close to, I do not cope well with grief at all. I go past grieving for the person that I lost, and get consumed by the finality of death.
Not afraid as such but I don't want to be ill on death bed or die ripped apart in a bomb blast
No I am not, I am more concerned with not living my life fully!
I am not afraid but I have wondered who would be next to me when I die and have a picture about it.
Not since I read The Book Thief, but I hope it doesn't happen too soon.
That is a beautiful story.
by Vee
Yes I am! And there is no hereafter...when you're dead, youre dead
by Finy
You know, you could give the whole heaven idea a go. I mean, if it doesn't exist, you haven't lost anything. But if it does exist, you've got a heck of a lot to gain. ;-) lol
by Vee
No, having the Lord in my life has taught me not to
be afraid. I find Psalm23 very comforting too.
janet, I hope to see you on the other side. :-)
by Vee
janet, I hope to see you on the other side. :-)
by Vee
I guess not. When you go, you go. I just hope I don't have a lingering death, & I'm in pain for months & months before I die. I do wonder about what life will be like, after I've gone though. All the new inventions we'll never see!
by Miro
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