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Are you addicted to Facebook?

by Smita (follow)
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Do you check Facebook as soon as you wake up, right before you go to sleep, and several times in between? Are you a Facebook addict?

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Top Answers
No. A couple of years ago when I first got on to Facebook I was definitely addicted - to the point where I would log on in the morning and again after work. I never got to the point where I would actually log on at work - we were in a corporate office and it wouldn't have gone down well to be seen bludging on Facebook, but when I was home I would be on it a lot. Then it went mobile and I downloaded the Facebook App - wow - I could then be on it 24-7 and did for a while. Until I realised how much time I was wasting on it. Then I stopped altogether and now only go on once every week or so to see what my friends and family are up to.
Not really addicted. I can go without FB if I have to. But it truly is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family far-away.and I have a lot of them!
No. I got rid of Facebook years ago.
by Vee
Good for you :) me too.
by jonaja
by Vee
I gave it away.........and now I have time on my hands.....Yaaaaa!
I run part of My business, Butterfly Host Plants, through a fb page so i have to regularly check fb to answer questions about butterflies, Identify caterpillars and organise plant parties. This is my first priority when I log on. After that I set myself a time limit to use it for personal use. I find fb great for connecting to friends back in England, and keeping an ey on what my daughter is up to. As i do not own a mobile phone i do not get constant updates and status updates so i'm not constantly logging in.
It's just a communication took like any other.
I check facebook whenever I get a notification on it.
Earlier, I was addicted and kept checking. Now it gets a bit boring to do so.
Maybe just a little bit. I do check it a couple of times a day and if I'm using it for my work, then I can spend up to an hour on it.
I wouldn't say I'm addicted to Facebook... but I spend a lot of time online and I do spend a lot of time on Facebook. It's more something I do when I'm bored or procrastinating rathe than something I feel the need to do.
Yes facebook has become addiction now.But its a good way to connect with your friends.
Unfortunately yes. My husband is sick of it. Everytime he turns around he says i'm on facebook. I personally don't think that's true since I do all the house chores and look after the 4 kids. I am mainly addicted at night once they are all asleep.
Nope, not into Facebook. No time. With Twitter I am way behind on my tweeting.
Yes. Which is why I quit. I feel much better for it.

Unfortunately it's all or nothing for me in this area.
Good for you :)
by jonaja
I was a couple of years ago. I was addicted to playing the games more than anything else. It got to be a family joke. Now I use it to find friends from my past which is not always easy.

I check Facebook whenever I am on line.
Yes, definitely.
I'm on daily, so not sure if I'm addicted or not...but also on twitter so I guess if you add it together, it's probably a mild addiction. I take breaks when we go away. Try to be more in the moment and less on the phone...
I'm not addicted to Facebook, and I think people should spend less time online and more time in real life social situations.

My colleague at work ditched Facebook for good and she couldn't be happier!
No but I definitely was when I was younger I'd get home from school and play Farmville for hours.
Don't have time nor the inclination to be on facebook. My adult children and grand children are but I couldn't be bothered with it. From what i hear it can end up ruling your life. We need to live life, not waste it.
No and I never joined and don't intend to, however I see it can be of benefit if used wisely like keeping in touch with people overseas or interstate and being mindful that information is available for the world to see...
I can't believe I've been using Facebook for serial years now. It still feels brand new.

I use to go on Facebook more often than I probably should. Now I try to use in a productive manner. Not just for kicks and gossip.

My usage is more moderate these days, as I have found other sites to fulfil my social needs.
Nope, as I'm not on FB!

Doesn't interest me one iota.
I am a facebook member, in saying that I do not use it, decided it was an invasion of privacy.
No, I never got into FB really. The FB from friends, come in as e-mails, so that's the only way I see what a few them are doing or sending a little youtube video or a photo.
by Miro
I see Facebook daily but I am not very active.
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