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Are super foods really super?

by Vee (follow)
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'PattsBlueberries' by PhreddieH3

In 2009, the Sydney Morning Herald declared that 'Not all foods were created equal - some are so packed with beneficial substances that they've been deemed "superfoods".'

Among these so-called 'superfoods' are acai, lentils, blueberries and the humble sweet potato.

Are these claims justified or are they just another marketing ploy devised to take advantage of consumers?

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Top Answers
Yes, super foods are called super for a reason. Can you compare blackberries to french fries? One is far superior than the other.
I was thinking more along the lines of the following: all food can be super if prepared in a particular way. No, french fries do not compare to berries, but suppose you used the potato differently?
by Vee
I understand your point. I do think some fruits have higher nutritious value than others. Not sure. Perhaps the term super food is just a marketing tool. Let's see what everyone else has to say.
I was thinking more along the lines of the following: all food can be super if prepared in a particular way. No, french fries do not compare to berries, but suppose you used the potato differently?
by Vee
Sorry about the repeated reply, my internet connection wavered there for a solid five minutes.
by Vee
Vee is certainly onto something, it's all in the preparation of such "super foods". Deep fried blueberries is not going to help anyone's diet reigme.

I suppose that an element of this "super food" fad engages a quick-fix-solution methodology - where you can eat fresh blueberries and gain tons more benefits from its minerals say than a raw potato, which you would never eat. Which you must then process in a way that will allow similar benefits to emerge such as steaming. Which is more hard work and effort for the fad-believers.

So I would say there is an element of playing on people's lazyness via marketing.
Now I'm really curious what deep fried blueberries would be like.
Thanks for your reply Amelia. As well as the laziness factor, I think marketers also try to exploit our sense of guilt. If we're not eating the right kinds of foods then we must not be looking after our selves, etc. etc. I certainly believe the hype surrounding "super foods" is unnecessary and motivated by potential profit.
by Vee
They do have some goodness in them. I feel great after consuming such "super" foods.
I believe in superfoods until they go out of fashion
I believe they are as they have a few more minerals and vitamins that help with keeping a healthy body. Some even aid in weight loss and management.
I think these are justified claims since there appears to be a fair bit of literature on the more popular 'superfoods' such a blueberries and avocado.
I agree with chipp, super foods do have more vitamins and minerals than some other foods. Usually fruits and veges are the super foods.
Super foods are just that.
They have amazing properties, and of course cost a lot more.That's the part which leaves me 'thinking'.
They talk about how we should all eat healthy, yet! make it expensive.Some berries can give relief to inflammation. I'm not sure why they are not harvested in larger amounts,maybe it all does come down to the dollar.But, it all cost's in the end.I think that is a huge reason 'why' people don't take advantage.

jonaj, I do believe some foods are inherently more nutritious than others. But like I said to Amelia, the hype surrounding 'superfoods' is certainly unnecessary. It's as if by labelling something a 'superfood', it's retail price automatically increases.

You're point, that 'They talk about how we should all eat healthy, yet! make it expensive', is a very good one. This makes consuming 'superfoods' an issue bound up with class, with only those who can afford to eat healthily able to do so. It's ridiculous how expensive fruit can be but how inexpensive soft drink and confectionary can be.

by Vee
Thanks Vee.... :)

by jonaja
There's some truth to some of the claims but also a lot of hype. I see a lot of weird health claims on Facebook, mainly stuff about particular fruits "curing cancer" and I always take stuff like that with a grain of salt.
About certain foods curing cancer, I don't know what I think about that. I've heard accounts of people eating spoiled food and allegedly being cured of cancer. I've also heard that eating aloe vera can cure cancer. After some research, I found a lot of conflicting evidence. Hmm...
by Vee
Some are and some aren't. It pays to do a little online research to find out the nutrient content of the latest super food before you fork out half your pay for it.

Many super foods are nutritionally fantastic for your body, but are often high in calories, which is the issue for most people. Those who consume high amounts of "super foods" have a much higher calorie intake than what is needed for their BMI, which is they may start to put on weight, which then undoes the good that super foods may do....

There is a veeerrryyy fine balance. If you consume such foods, make sure you're aware of your daily calorie intake, and make sure to exercise to burn off any excess!
I don't think we really k,now.
Things keep changing and foods that were superfoods also change.
I don't know what proof they have about any of these foods.
Who did tests?
I don't see how they could test this without using many, many people, so while I probably believe "them" whoever they are, I have my doubts.
by Finy
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