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Are all people who view child pornography 'perverts' and should they all be sent to prison?

by Vee (follow)
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Best-selling U.S. author, John Grisham recently apologised for suggesting that not all people who look at child pornography should be imprisoned nor are they all perverts:

"There's so many 'sex offenders' - that's what they're called - that they put them in the same prison. Like they're a bunch of perverts, or something..." (Reuters).

Grisham's aim was to critique the American justice system, but his comments have understandably ruffled some feathers.

What do you make of all this?

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Top Answers
I don't know how to respond to that. I'm disgusted to think that he does not think people who look at naked pictures of children for pleasure should be sent to prison. He says in that article about the difference between looking at pictures and harming children, but looking at pictures is just as harmful psychologically, and it is only a step away from physical abuse.
Perhaps Grisham's thinking there's got to be a way other than prison for some of these people. And I'm thinking, he could be correct. I believe there are people out there who've just gotten into viewing pornography and gotten further into its darker recesses - without realising the very real part they play in the exploitation of children.

Send them to prison? Ok, but I think there has to be a rehabilitation and education component as well. People need to be made aware of the psychological harms of viewing pornography and the very real implications it has for those who are 'performing' - especially children.
by Vee
Last week I watched that Louis Theroux episode where he was in that special "facility" for life long inmates convicted of child abuse. I just couldn't convince myself that any of them were "cured" or even being honest. Very creepy.
by Rice
No gaol, just MANDATORY surgical castration for sexual deviants' of ANY discription.

Watch the offenders' percentage drop then!

Got to stop 'circling the wagons' on this issue.
It's beyond serious, so the 'fix' must relieve the situation totally.

End of.

Whereas I agree entirely with what you suggest, I have always had a niggling worry that it might tip them over the edge and their next point of gratification might be mutilation and murder. Certainly, I am one who feels they are not fit to walk among us.
by Rice
I think prison is justice.

Those perverts are viewing obscene materials!
YES!!! Bang them all up, throw away the key. If you abuse anyone you lose your privileges in society. Period. If you support the abuse of people, even without personally, physically engaging in it, it's no different.
Definitely. People who view child porn create demand for the ones that are making them. Additionally, people who view these thing may one day covert to acting on it. We are what we eat.
When talking about 'any' child in relationship to Porn, is a Crime.

You do the Crime...you do the Time.

I do not think what people do in their own home is anyone's business.

I disagree with it but our prisons are already too full and not all people who look at this online go on to do anything about it.

We only hear about those few who do.
There must be many, many others or these sites would not exist if they indeed do. I had thought that they were being shut down.

So i do not believe looking at porn is a habit punishable by prison even though I would not do it and do not agree with it.
by Finy
Child porn though? I mean, if people watch it they create demand, and demand soon catches up.
by Vee
Kiddy porn, Finy, surely that is beyond the pale?
by Rice
No one I believe should view child porn in their home ever.
It is Evil.
by jonaja
And where do the photographs of these little children come from ? Who is taking the photograph (is it nannies or child minders and are they taken in child minding facilities by a staff member, or by their brothers or sisters or fathers or mothers) ? Are they adopted children or fostered children or children in State care………I'd like to know.
It is a disgusting crime (for the viewer) and the provider of this sort of thing has to be the lowest form of life on earth. Oxygen thieves.
by fran.
Gaol isn't tough enough for these people. And, I wonder if once they are in gaol, is there a complete lack of porn material in there for them to access.
They are perverts, misfits, and should actually be done away with permanently.
Of all the crimes that come to mind, child abuse is the most revolting.
I don't see how viewing that sort of sick, twisted filth could ever NOT be viewed as a prisonable offence. Precious little children being treated that way makes me honestly want to . . . . I will only say, "do unmentionable things to the perpetrators".
by Rice
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